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Color Wheel - Standard Grey Card

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I am currently working with a tutorial with exercise pictures which I am copying from the tutorial source. When I open the copied exercise picture, my Color Wheel in Affinity Photo is lacking intensity (color-wheel_02). Starting up Affinity Photo the Color Wheel is OK (color-wheel_01). The reason seems to be the 'wrong' setting in the source photo which I copied... 

For my work I would need a standard photografic Grey Card with H=0, S=0, L=50. 

When I am assigning the above values to my 'wrong' Color Wheel I am getting understandably a grey tone which is too bright and does not represent the standard grey of a Grey Card. The easiest way for me to change that would be if I could 'reset' the Color Wheel for that picture to it's original setting, but I don't know how to do that. I found a way do change the intensity in the Color Chooser (color-wheel_03) by choosing an intensity of -1, R=0.25, G=0.25, B=0.25; but I am not sure if this grey represent really the standard grey of a Grey Card... 

I would appreciate your feedback and advice. 

Thanks and regards





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1 hour ago, nicola_0826 said:

When I open the copied exercise picture, my Color Wheel in Affinity Photo is lacking intensity (color-wheel_02). Starting up Affinity Photo the Color Wheel is OK (color-wheel_01)

When I start APhoto on mac with no document then all colour sliders & wells are grayed-out and I don't see a way to open the Colour Chooser Window. Is that different on Windows? – But indeed I can make the Colours Panel to display the wheel, which then indeed shows colours like in your screenshot 01.

If I close all open documents then all colour sliders & wells in the interface turn to blank (greyed-out) again, the wheel excepted. If a document gets closed I see the colours in the wheel changing their appearance, while the obviousness in the difference depends on the space, depths, profile of the last closed document. This seems to indicate that the wheel with no open document displays an app default state (which, possibly, may even occur different to my custom colour profile preferences for the app).

Since the displayed colours depend on Colour Space | Depths | Profile, I wonder why you assume that the wheel would display a wrong intensity in your open file, respectively for what purpose you expect or want to achieve an appearance of the wheel like without an open document, in particular if your document is in 32 bit mode with a specific colour profile?

macOS 10.14.6, MacBookPro Retina 15" + Eizo 27"

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