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Is Affinity Photo Good For Inking and Painting Character Art?

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Hey all!


I've already been a Design user for about a year now, and absolutely love the top quality performance!


I love it so much, I'm thinking I'd like to buy Photo to go with it, but I'm at a crossroads.


I'm a character designer, and I'm wondering if Photo has enough brushes to be able to create and paint characters in varying styles in it.  I've downloaded a few brushes for Design, but since I want to go completely pixel with some character art, I'm wondering if there are enough brushes around to really have some serious fun with it.  Pressure sensitive ink brushes?  Soft, rich colored pencils for sketching rough underdrawing?  Big watercolor brushes for background color without too much lag (I always got lots of lag in PS trying to use large watercolor brushes).  Textured canvas?  All kinds of line thicknesses?  


Is canvas rotation possible, and can it sync up with a rotation dial on an Intuos tablet?  I need that desperately if I'm planning to draw directly into the computer, and that's one of my goals with this, since I'm about to upgrade my Mac to a more suitable monitor size for that.


I will either buy this, or Clip Studio Paint.  I'd rather go with this, though, so any info and maybe some examples you can point me to to convince me would be great!  I'm looking to buy within the next week, so the sooner the better!  :)


Thanks to anyone who might be able to help!

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Hi, I suggest you download the free trial version.


I download some brushes when I need them. If you have brushes on your computer now, you can import them into AP.
And, of course, make your own brushes.


You can rotate the canvas, but I'm not sure if you can do that with the tablet, -I haven't tried it.

If you have Designer, you will experience the seamless cooperation between the apps.


Canvases and textures I usually download or make my own, photographing everything and anything. ;)

- Affinity Photo 2.3.0
- Affinity Designer 2.3.0
-Affinity Publisher 2.3.0


MacBook Pro 16 GB
MacOS Sonoma 14.1.2

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