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[Closed] Merge palettes

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It is very rare that I feel AD is missing a feature, it is already such a fleshed out and mature creation software. But, recently I've been desiring a way to merge palettes, or import a palette from a document into the current palette.


Personally, I use Seiken Densetsu 3 palettes when I do pixel art (they are gorgeous, with beautiful deep purples as blacks etc). I am not colour-blind, but don't have the innate ability to find nice matching colours. Anyhow, when doing this type of work, you end up creating palettes from many images you can find on google. You are then stuck, as I haven't found any way to merge the palettes it creates :/


There are more likely other ways to fix this "issue", that is why I prefer explaining my situation rather than forcing a pre-set solution on you. Anything that would allow creation of 1 palette from many images works for me.


Thank you for reading this, and being so active with your community, <3


P.S. Just downloaded beta, will get back to you guys about the crashes I mentioned last weekend :)


[Edit] I guess importing all the images and merging them in a document works, [facepalm]. Ok going to sleep now...

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