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Deleting/Breaking Shapes within Shapes - AD

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New to Affinity Designer and new to Illustration software and Photo Editing, in the process of learning web design/development and would like to make my own company logo.


My question is how do I create a shape(ie a circle) and then create gaps spanning the width of the shape, therfore enabling me to create a transition of colors with white/dead space in between each color.


I've attempted creating the circle then individually space lines filled with white, making mulitple copies and cropping to fit say 2 space and floating it over the original until I get the affect, but I'm having issues with miscellaneous lines hanging over the edges and taking away from the crispness.


See the attached for what I'm referring to.



Thanks in advance.


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You may want to explore using "compound shapes" for what you want to do.


I didn't have access to my laptop when I sent this reply(mobile), but here is an quick example of the sun if you haven't figured it out yet.  You don't have to worry about how long you make your horizontal lines if you do it this way.  The only other thing that you could do would to be use the subtract boolean but this way is non-destructive.




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