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Export persona not applying nearest neighbor export options settings.

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Hello there, I'm encountering some issues I simply cannot understand.

I am trying to export some pixel art through the export persona to be able to handle my slices easily, however, even by setting the defaults & selection export options mode to use the nearest neighbor resampler, the exports seem to not go through the resampler as they come out with the usual blur you get without using nearest neighbor.

However when I try to export a selection through the regular export menu File > Export... and select the nearest neighbor resampler, my export comes out fine.

Is there something that needs to be toggled on/off for it to work as well on the export persona ?


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Welcome to the forum.

First you need to create your own preset:

  • Open Normal Export, from Photo Persona
  • Select PNG (or whatever format you need), then “more…”.
  • Choose Resampler “Nearest Neighbor”
  • Choose “Manage Preset”
  • Choose “Create”, enter Name and save it.

The newly created preset will be available at the bottom of the list in Export Persona.



Mac mini M1 A2348

LG34WK950U-W, calibrated to DCI-P3 with LG Calibration Studio / Spider 5

iPad Air Gen 5 (2022) A2589

Special interest into procedural texture filter, edit alpha channel, RGB/16 and RGB/32 color formats, stacking, finding root causes for misbehaving files, finding creative solutions for unsolvable tasks, finding bugs in Apps.


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Thanks for your reply ! I had actually done that and still had the issue.

However I just found where the issue originated from and it seems to be very specific to my case.

I had actually started to work on the project on Affinity for iPad, then sent the project to my Desktop to work from there. I figured that by exporting my slices to 2x the size from my desktop fixed the blur issues and then realized that it was because of the default settings on iPad for the Retina display that doubles pixel size. 

So to put it simply my fix was to change my document settings on desktop that had been defaulted by the iPad (I guess).

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