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Suggested workflow for Linking photos in Publisher Documents

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I've been using the Affinity Photo application for some time now, and I find it extremely useful for a great many tasks. Consequently, I recently purchased Publisher and am learning how to use the software; again, I'm very pleased with both products. 

Recently, I have decided to use Publisher to prepare PDF files for Blurb, etc. Now, I have a simple question about workflow: 

Is it better to export my photographs as JPEGs (most, if not all POD sites require JPEGS, sRGB, etc.) with the exact dimensions that I have provided for my Picture Frames within the Publisher document, using the resampling algorithm provided by Affinity Photo, or should I just export the JPEGS full-sized, and depend upon Publisher's toolbox to perform the scaling, resampling, applying whichever algorithm it uses (bicubic, etc.)?

I apologize if this is a simple question, but I make photographs not photo books (although I like learning new things).

Thanks for any helpful responses/suggestions.

Tom R

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Thank you for the informative and timely response. Fortunately I have the time (and space) to maintain multiple exports--at least at this time.

Working with Publisher makes me appreciate the expertise of graphic artists and designers. In a perfect world, where the photographer has access to designers and publisher resources, more time could be spent finding the small images that make the big picture. That being said, Affinity Photo & Publisher has given me a little insight into those disciplines and has enabled me to "work with what I have" not what I might desire.

Tom R

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