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  1. Okay. What if I use a tool, such as ExifTool to extract information from the desired images. Would those data need to be converted into RTF (or a similar) format to be dragged or imported into Textfields that would reside within Publisher (in other words: I might be able to drag text from structured files created by a third-party application). I'm asking because the metadata in question contains foreign syntax marks and GPS data.
  2. Do any of the current Affinity products provide a mechanism for extracting metadata from tiff/jpeg files that can then be used to generate captions or other text objects? The old Lightroom, for example, had some support for extracting metadata from images and using that data to format captions ... this was useful for creating slideshows and generating captions for books. Perhaps this feature is available in some other Affinity Product (Designer)? Thanks
  3. I am using the latest version of Affinity Photo for Mac Desktops (1.8.6). Seems that I can no longer "inpaint" alpha areas that result from cropping, straightening, etc. I am sure that I'm working on an unlocked Pixel layer (TIFF scans). I apply a crop (3x2 aspect ratio), adjust often leaving alpha areas around the borders of the image. I used to Rasterize and Trim(?). Then Select Partially Transparent (alpha range). I get the dancing ants. Great. Then I Grow that selected area by 1 to 2 px. Then I attempt to Inpaint (from the Edit Menu). Affinity acts as though it's doing something, but
  4. This might be entirely off-base and less than helpful. Publisher is not the tool I would use to write large text-based documents that are intended for publication. If you're serious, you might obtain any free version of LaTex that comes bundled with many relevant packages, e.g., Memoir, geometry, etc., which provide total control over dimensions and produce truly publication quality galleys in a variety of formats, such as PDF, PS. LaTex is free; it runs on a variety of platforms, Windows, Macintosh and a variety of Linux distributions. In addition, many downloadable LaTex bundles are inc
  5. I sometimes have alpha regions after cropping images (TIFF files) and so I follow the procedure provided in the Affinity Photo--Canvas Resizing video/tutorial: (1) Make sure that the Pixel Layer is Selected (in Layers) (2) Mark out a proximate area with the Marquee Tool (3) Contol-J, Control-D (to copy and then deselect the area) (4) Using the Move Tool, drag the image to fill the alpha area. The image that appears in Affinity looks fine, but when exported (as a JPEG), a fine line appears at the border of the Alpha area and the covering pixels. I know that this sounds
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