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Not sure if I'm in the right forum but. (looking for art style advice)

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Hello al, I'm on a bit of an information hunt about how to emulate an affect/art style.

For the Gamers out there, a man known as Shinkiro  ( his art style ) is a well known cross-over fighting game artist, however over the years I've noticed there doesn't seem to be anyone who can emulate his exact digital enhancement process.

And even after putting out a bounty for artist who can emulate it since I can't directly contact him, I've still had no luck, so I'm wondering if anyone in here my at least be able to device the formula of getting close to it, or  bare minimum possibly direct me to artist who can get close?

I'll attach some examples below.

Please Note: I'm not interested in an "anime/animu" aesthetic I'm interested in finding peoples who can digitally create his process or atleast get close to it.

Any and all help/suggestions is appreciated, and if this topic is in the wrong section I apologize.



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  • Staff

Hi @Zaxpearson,

Welcome to the Affinity Forums and my apologies for the delayed response here, we are extremely busy following our 1.10 update and working from home during the pandemic is unfortunately extending our response window to be longer than normal, many thanks for your continued patience and understanding here.

Unfortunately I'm not personally aware of any similar artists, or tutorials that would cover such a workflow in Affinity.

I will include a few links below to the 'Affinity Creative Sessions' on similar subjects, although I do appreciate this isn't quite what you're looking for!

Hopefully other forum users will be able to provide their suggestions for you here based on their experiences :)

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