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Structure or microstructure equivalent

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Currently I am using Tonality and Luminosity.

Both are no longer supported by Skylum. I shoot mostly B&W and I find the structure and microstructure tools very effective for sky feature development.

Before I purchase Affinity, can anyone tell me if their software has similar photo editing tools?

 I see on their website that Clarity is available, but no mention of structure or microstructure.

Perhaps the same functions are on different Affinity photo editing tools?

Appreciate any guidance this forum can provide.

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Before I purchase Affinity, can anyone tell me if their software has similar photo editing tools?
There is a trial version.

I find the structure and microstructure tools very effective for sky feature development
According to Skylum: "Micro Structure: This tool has the power to give your photos a creative, HDR effect in a subtle, yet dramatic way. Works very effectively to bring out details in the small areas of your image and is ideal for portraits."

This description reminds me of the "Detail extractor" from Nik Color Efex.
Youtube has some videos about Color Efex Detail extractor.
Also have a look at "Tonal contrast".
Both "Detail extractor" and "Tonal contrast" can make dramatic changes to the sky.


Im not sure but i think the old nik collection from google runs without any problem in affinity photo.
Can be found here:
Windows http://dl.google.com/edgedl/photos/nikcollection-full-1.2.11.exe
Mac http://dl.google.com/edgedl/photos/nikcollection-full-1.2.11.dmg

After installing the nik collection, you have to specify the path for the nik collection in affinity photo:
Edit > Preferences > Photoshop Plugins
Dont forget to check at the bottom "Allow unknown plugins to be used"
Restart affinity.

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Structure and microstructure are probably just tools for adding local contrast at various scales.  You can achieve this in most image editing applications in several different ways, including High Pass layers in Overlay, Soft Light or Linear Light (contrast) blend modes, HiRaLoAm (High Radius Low Amount) Unsharp masking, shadows and highlights adjustment layers, etc.  Give the trial a shot using these basic tools and see how they affect your image compared to the canned plug-in results.


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