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New Affinity user Workflow questions

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I have been using Lightroom and Photoshop CS6 and want to switch to Lightroom and Affinity Photo. Affinity is installed my computer, an older iMac, running Mojave. Affinity is installed and running fine. I am trying to use the same basic workflow as I was and that is where my question originates. In Lightroom I select an image from the LR catalog and may or may not make adjustments. My point is LR is where I start. When I am ready, I right click the image and select Edit In>Affinity. This works fine. What I am unable to do is, when I am finished in Affinity the only way I can see to exit is to Quit. When I do that Affinity asks what to do with the image. The only way to save my changes opens a dialog box saying Affinity want to create a file on my desktop, or elsewhere. There a couple reasons why I don't wish to do this. If I create the file on my desktop, the LR catalog will not be aware of this. I have software from other vendors and when I complete my work in Photoshop I say Accept to Quit and the software shuts down and I am returned to LR and the image I was working on is in the LR catalog. Affinity doesn't seem to able to do this. Am I missing something? BTW, the files I am editing are either .jpg or camera raw files from a couple different kinds of cameras.

Any input will be most appreciated. Also, if anyone can point me toward some good, basic documentation on Affinity I will appreciate that as well. It may help me avoid asking more dumb questions.


Thank you.


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Nope, AP isn’t Ps and won’t return work to Lr. When you say other software returned to Lr when you quit, they’re used as plugin in Ps, no such thing with AP.

Lr create its own catalog, only other software I know that also have catalog is Capture One. Otherwise you create your own catalog and save your work there, or move your end work where you need it to be, for you import it to your Lr catalog manually.

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Mikerfoto - Thanks for the response. I don't know if your answer will change but often I go directly from LR to Affinity or some other software and don't use Photoshop at all. You are correct in that these other products are installed as PS plugins and it sounds like this is not an option for Affinity. However they work as I described even if I do not use Photoshop at all and I was hoping there is a way to do this in Affinity. Sounds like there is not. 

I have become pretty reliant on the LR catalog as my main repository for photo images and it seems like this will not work with Affinity. 

Thanks again.

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