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Hello, I'm HalbLeiter.


Today, I experienced strange problem in the EXIF of the image I've taken.


I'm using Nikon Df and SIGMA Art 24-35mm f/2.0, and the images were taken with the RAW(.NEF) format.


When I opened these images with the Affinity Photo, the lens data were shown (ex. focal length, aperture) but the lens maker and model were not shown.


I also made questions to the lens maker(SIGMA) and camera maker(NIKON).


Answer from SIGMA: This problem is related with the camera maker. Maybe the camera maker have no information about the newly released lens on the look-up table. However, we don't have permission to tweak the firmware on the camera. Please ask to the camera maker.


Answer from NIKON: In original, we(NIKON) are not supporting 3rd party accessories such as lenses, batteries and speedlights. In other case, when the camera body cannot recognizes the lens, the lens maker is updating their firmware to make recognizable. Please ask to the camera maker.


How do you think about this?



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I just received a new answer from SIGMA-Photo Korea.



At first, we confirmed about this problem from the NIKON-Imaging Korea.

The problem you suggested is not a rare problem, and also we already knew about this.

This is not only for your lens(24-35), it's related with all lenses from our company.


In general, EXIF information of the images are collected by the camera body and displayed by the viewer program.

So, when the viewer program is changed, the displayed informations can be changed, too.


You said that another 3rd party lens, SIGMA 30mm f/1.4, is well displayed from the viewer program.

We tested about this, and the View NX (Nikon software) shows no brand name, only the 30/1.4G (Nikorr lens with similar specifications).

In addition, the Photoshop didn't recognizes our 30mm f/1.4 lens.


Maybe, this problem depends on the update status of the viewer program.


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