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Width in inches -> export PDF can result in wrong dimension

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Seems to only affect tertiary fractions or finer (e.g., 3-5/8 (i.e., 3.625)). I only noticed now since I don't think I've exported a document that wasn't a US standard size, or not some eighth or sixteenth of an inch.

I would really appreciate if this could be added to the list. This can quickly make stepping objects a nightmare. I can only imagine trying to deal with it if I had to send files out. 😳

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Yep. Screenclip attached, as well as a screenshot of Acrobat (yes version 7, don't @ me I still output film to a PostScript 2 imagesetter 😛 ) which shows the extra added bit to the exported PDF. 

I did not include any About windows, but it is Affinity Publisher 1.9.3 on macOS 10.13.6

I am of course open to the possibility this is something I'm doing wrong, but it's not at all obvious to me if so.

Picture 1.png

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