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Publisher crashed when opening document


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I worked with 2 Macs - iMac at home and iMac at work.

iMac at home is Big Sur, iMac at work is Catalina. Publishers on both iMacs updated to 1.9.2

Document called 2021 Catalogue created with iMac at work. A few days later when I took the 2021 Catalogue home, it crashed on my iMac home. All the time.

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Hi @samsiu Thanks for sending over your document. We were able to reproduce the crash so the issue you are experiencing may be from a linked image that we currently don't have. Could you try doing the following to see if you can make it work on your computer?

  1. Find the folder the linked images are kept in.
  2. Rename the pictures folder - this should break all the links.
  3. Reopen the document - you will be asked if you want to locate your missing resources.
  4. Select Yes and navigate to the renamed folder - it will automatically update the remaining missing images.

If this doesn't work could you "Save as Package" and upload it here please? 


Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 17.17.54.png

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Sorry, I should have said that you can re-link on open. You don't need to manually do it in Resource Manager. I will edit my comment for future reference.

If you close the document and re-open it - look out for the message asking you to relink and click yes! Much faster! 👍

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It seems some images links are still missing. Re-linking about 30 images is better than all 200.

It is a very long holiday here in HK. I am working from home with the Big Sur iMac for the next 5 days. I hope when I reopen this file again, with all new changes with the office iMac Catalina, I will not have this problem again.

Thank you again. I hope you can sort out this issue.

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I've been working on this publisher file over the past 5 days on the Big Sur iMac at home. I will be bring it back to the office tomorrow, opening it with the Catalina iMac in the office. I hope it works. Will update. Thank you for following up with this issue.

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Back in office now.

Opened the publisher file on iMac Catalina at work.


Renaming the Images folder to something else, and the document opened, then relinking all images.

Seems publisher files cannot be used to work on different computers.

I also tried to open the publisher file on my MacBook Pro 2018, Big Sur. Crashed too.

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In the hope of ending this crash problems, I worked on the publisher files SOLELY on the iMac Catalina at work, since 7 April 2021.

Every morning, including this day 10 April 2021, whenever I opened the publisher file, it crashed.

In a single day, I quit and opened (several times), worked on the publisher file - no problem. But the next day, problem of crashing came up.

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Main folder - Catalogue Summer 2021.

1. Inside is the publisher file - Catalogue 2021.afpub.

2. All images used inside the catalogue store/organised inside a folder called Images

Working on iMac Office Catalina, all is good.

When I take the files home to work on iMac Home Big Sur, it crashed. I have to change the folder where the images are stored to Images 2. Opening the file again, it works, but need me to locate the missing images via Resource Manager. Only have to re-link image on the first page and all the others are re-linked automatically. All is well.

The following day when I take the files back to iMac Office Catalina, it crashed again. I have to repeat the step above, renaming the Images 2 folder to Image, relink, and all is OK again.

Changes made to publisher files are OK. It just crashed when I try to work on 2 different iMacs.

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Is the Main folder located on your office iMac hard drive - the one with Catalina? When you say you take the files home to use on your home iMac with Big Sur - how are you transferring the files?

Do you by any chance have Cloud storage or Dropbox and could test this to see if this method works better? This would be a good way to rule out the drive you are transferring them on.

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My workflow:

Inside the folder called Catalogue Summer 2021 is where the work files are:

1. Catalogue Summer 2021 Publisher file

2. Images Folder - all images used in the catalogue

This folder is located inside a folder on the desktop of iMac Work Catalina called CURRENT WORKS. CURRENT WORKS folder is synchronised to the office Synology NAS DS411+.

The CURRENT WORKS folder inside DS411+ is synchronised to the CURRENT WORKS folder at home Synology NAS DS1618+

On the desktop of iMac Home Big Sur is a folder CURRENT WORKS, which is synchronised to the NAS DS1618+

So, at all times, anything inside CURRENT WORKS both at DS411+ (Work) is synchronised with DS1618+ (Home).

Only 1 version of the Catalogue Summer 2021 file being worked on all the time - 10am to 7.00pm in the office, and 9.00pm till late at home, every day.

Hope this is clear to you.

When I first started working with Catalogue Summer 2021, I used an external SSD drive to take files from work to home, and back to work, over the weekends.

As of this writing, after working on Catalogue Summer 2021 in the office today, I came back home and opened the file on my iMac Home. It crashed. Changing the name of the Images folder from Images 2 to Images works. All the time.

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Thanks for all of the information @samsiu Could you upload a crash log so we can see what is causing the issue?

Could you also zip up the catalogue including all the assets and upload it here please? We'd like to have a look. In the meantime if it's too disruptive it might be worth either embedding all the files if possible before sending or working via the external SSD drive like before while we look into the issue.

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Thanks for the crash log @samsiu one of the team have just tried sharing a document using their Synology NAS and they were unable to recreate the crash. Their setup is a little different though as they are not syncing their files between two different Diskstations. Is it just the catalogue that you are having issues with or do you get crashed from any other documents that are synced?

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I am experiencing this one odd problem with publisher working on this catalogue. I've not created many publisher documents - most 1-2 page design stuffs I use Designer.

I believe it has NOTHING to do with how the files are stored, from which media, etc. Somehow the main publisher file - Catalogue 2021 crashed when being worked on different computer, i.e. iMac Work and iMac Home.

I've successfully reproduced the same catalogue 2021 Quarkxpress 2020. It opened nicely on both iMac office and iMac home.

Don't know when I will be producing another catalogue. Will see if this problem happens again.

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@samsiu If you can zip up the file and assets as I requested above - and upload them here I can check your theory.  I have access to 2 iMacs, each with a different macOS installed. Or I can try between an iMac and an M1 laptop - both with Big Sur. I would need all the assets to check this and you did not upload them when I last requested.

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I have found the problem.

It's the naming of the Folder that contains the Catalogue Summer 2021 publisher file and the assets/pictures folder.

When i have the time, I will make a video of the screen, on both the iMac Home and iMac Work to show the instances when Publisher crashed, and renaming the folder is the solution to it.

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