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15 minutes ago, MEB said:

Select both nodes with the Node Tool and click the Break Curve button in the Action section in the context toolbar. Switch to the Move Tool select the "broken" segment and hit delete. It's not possible to delete a segment directly yet (i believe that's you are asking about?).

Thank you for your advice.
Yes, this is exactly what I'm trying to do right now.
By your explanation, I understand it is possible, just not very fast and intuitive. This is certainly a problem for people like me, who are used to working a notch below lightspeed in AI but I'll see if I can get a workflow this way. Nevertheless, I still hope that basic node actions similar to those in AI are in the making because this is essential to the way I usually work.

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... unbelievable, even in the new beta version of the designer, there is no cutting tool yet. For me, this is an indispensable tool. Yesterday I fell for a fake screenshot in a forum post and bought the designer yesterday. Now I think about resigning from the purchase, because the desire for a cutting tool here in the forum is already years old and seems to be simply ignored. A real shame!

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Yes, I have to admit that I'm a little bit underwhelmed at the moment. Are these basic functions really so hard to implement? I'm not a developer, so I don't have the slightest idea. To me, it seems simple but it possibly isn't. Or is there perhaps some sort of patent problem? I'm certain that Adobe sticks to any patent they have. I don't know. Some explanations would be helpful.

Certainly, Affinity Designer is a very attractive product to an even more attractive price. At the same time, I personally would be very ready to pay significantly more if the basic functions I require were part of the software.

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It probably depends on what you use the designer for. As a technical illustrator, I have more and more to do with 2D data generated from 3D programs. This type of work is more "clean up" than "drawing". Of course, the fantastic zoom option of Designer comes to mind. Now a cutting tool and I'll shut up ;-)
Yesterday I looked at the app "Vectornator" for the ipad. It has a pair of scissors and a size-adjustable eraser. It could be that easy.

But compliment, for the new iso feature in Designer 1.7 Beta. I'm excited about that.

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