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In Designer I'd love to see a key command to hide the geometry (nodes and Bézier curves/lines) of the selected object, and just show the printable art. Without deselecting.

I used this all the time with The Competition.


Pressing Spacebar is ok for a quick look, but when you're experimenting with effects or different brushes/strokes/gradients, the curves & nodes are just distracting.




- pbass

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I should tell you that I now use a simple work-around that does the trick for me:


Simply pressing the key shortcut for a non-drawing/manipulating tool, such as Y, G, H, or Z, hides the highlighted geometry (curve/node/handles) of the selected path, _without_ deselecting it.


I've gotten into the habit of pressing Z to see my work without highlighted 'innards'; and just pressing it again to toggle back to the highlighted path. 


With geometry hidden in this way, you can still change attributes like stroke/brush, fill, fx, adjustments, etc, cuz the path is still selected.


Problem solved!  :^)  – and so simply.


- peter

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