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Depth of Field Blur – keep/reset to circle shape + shift-snapping option for axis

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Hey there!


I’d like to request either a shortcut or a button in the menu to keep or reset the elliptic shape

for the Depth of Field Blur filter in AP while or after scaling the affected area.


For now it’s possible to hold down shift and constrain the transformation to the selected axis,

though honestly I'm not sure when this will get useful for me right now.

Not as intuitive but maybe a button in the menu would be nice, so after scaling the ellipse in
width or height you would be able to convert it back into a circle-shape with the new dimension.


Also the option to hold shift while moving the center of the effect so it’d snap onto

the x- or y-axis would be cool.


Let me hear what you guys think of this.  ;)




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Hey guys …


Can someone give me a reaction to this topic? This still bugs me out so very, very often since I use that live filter daily.

Or at least I’d like to.


I’d really like to work with Photos live filters to maintain the options to change its effect or strength at any time, but since

the interest/support in this specific filter seems not present and the NIK-plugins gone free I use them instead since they

got just more options plus constraining/maintaining the radius/shape of the blur.




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