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font-rendering of ui on external monitor is bad

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I noticed that the font-rendering of the ui is broken on my external monitor (2560x1600) in comparison to my retina display of the macbook pro.

It shows on the screenshots.

I wasn't able to find a solution in the forums or on google since most people have problems with the rendering of the fonts in their designs. Is there a workaround or setting I can change? 

Or maybe it's a bug and you can fix it.

Btw: The behaviour is the same in all Affinity apps.


Broken rendering on external monitor. 



Good rendering on retina display of macbook pro


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Hi @flowi Thanks for the screenshots.

Can you give us some more information please? I am not able to comment based on the screenshots alone.

1. What is the native resolution of your mbp and what resolution is it running at?
2. What model of monitor are you using? Is 2560x1600 the native resolution and what is it running at?
3. Is the output set to mirror the laptop display or extend on to it?
4. What DPI settings have you set in your OS?

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Hi @SPaceBar!

Thanks for getting back to me.

Here are the information

1) 15" 2880x1800. I think this is the native resolution of the mbp *
2) I have two 30" Lenovo LEN LT3053pwA 2560x1600@60Hz (its native resolution). The effect is on both external monitors
3) set up to extend the desktop
4) I couldn't find any dpi settings. If you mean the scaling of the monitor settings then it's set to standard.

I ran displayplacer on my machine and it gives the log I attached. For some reason it think's the Macbook display runs on 1680x1050.

I've read somewhere that there were some problems with HiDPI settings of retina displays n the beginning. I think there was an issue with IntelliJ IDEA (written in Java) when the first macbooks with retina displays came out. Don't know how native mac apps deal with hiDPI and normal DPI settings.

I hope you have everything you need. Let me know if I can help you further. I'm a software-developer (but not for mac/iOS apps) and not afraid of the commandline in case you need more information.

EDIT: I added the graphics-section of the macOS system report (in German unfortunately). This shows the correct resolution of the internal retina-display unlike the displayplacer log. Seems like a bug in displayplacer.


Bildschirmfoto 2020-07-16 um 20.38.21.png

Bildschirmfoto 2020-07-16 um 20.38.31.png



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