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Add ability to toggle between layers or groups of layers

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Hi to all,

Considering the crickets I heard with this post on the Affinity on Desktop Questions forum, I'm assuming that the following is not currently possible, and therefore posting here as a request:

 When editing photos, I will often put two different ideas on two different layers.

Let's say "A" is a curves layer where I've put a lot of contrast and "B" a curves layer where I've put only a little contrast.

I want to look at one, then the other, to see which idea I like best.

As it stands now, the only thing that I seem to be able to do is to uncheck A to see what B looks like; then uncheck B and check A to see what A looks like; then uncheck A and recheck B to see what B looks like again; ... ad nauseam.

That's long and especially any true "toggling effect" (a rapid back and forth between the adjusted images) is lost, because you're obliged to either go briefly completely back to the unadjusted background layer (a third "version" thus), or have both of the adjustment layers briefly activated (a fourth "version" thus). 😖

 What I'm requesting is some way to toggle between a series of layers or groups of layers. I used two layers for the example above, but as a feature, one should be able to toggle through any number of layers or groups of layers.

I would imagine such a feature would start with selecting the concerned layers.

So, using the example above, I would select the layers A and B then:

[Keystroke and/or Click] gives:

A checked, B unchecked

[Keystroke and/or Click] gives:

A unchecked, B checked

etc. etc.

Just to hammer in the idea, let's imaging a third layer, "C":

Select the three layers:

[Keystroke and/or Click] gives:

A checked, B unchecked, C unchecked

[Keystroke and/or Click] gives:

A unchecked, B checked, C unchecked

[Keystroke and/or Click] gives:

A unchecked, B unchecked, C checked

etc. etc.

I seem to remember such a feature being available in another image editing program, but can't remember which one (Gimp??).

I hope that others will sound in and thanks to the Affinity team for all you do!



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