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I started searching for this issue, but there were too many results to find if this was already reported / asked.

I did this:
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N for a new image from clipboard  >  Select Frame Text Tool  >  Select a color from the Font Color palette from the ribbon.

With the new image still "selected" (from the New action), clicking the Font Color on the ribbon appears to change the Channel color (or overlay color, or something [I'm sorry, I'm not sure what to call it]), not the Font Color in preparation of typing text.

Clicking off / unselecting the image, the color change does not happen.  It only happens if the image is left selected from the New action.  But I would think that clicking the Font Color button wouldn't effect the entire image like that.  I'm not saying something is wrong, just want to confirm if this is acting the way it is expected.  Thanks.

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Welcome to the forums.

When you select the Frame Text Tool you probably still have the Pixel or Image layer selected.
Because of that, when you select a colour from the Context Toolbar you are saying “apply this colour to the selected layer” rather than “start new text with this colour”.
You need to create the Frame Text first then, with the Frame Text selected, choose a colour.

I think the UI may need some tweaking to stop a colour being selected from the Frame Text Context Toolbar when a Frame Text is not selected.

P.S. To remove the colour ‘overlay’ from an image, when you have applied one accidentally (or on purpose), you can select the pixel/image layer, then go to the Colour Panel or Swatches Panel and set the Fill Colour to None.

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Thanks for the response.

Yes, the image / image layer IS still selected.  But it just seemed odd to me that clicking on the Text Tool color selector changes the channel color.

PS: I just "fixed" the accidental coloring with an undo. 🙂  But thanks for the other workaround too.

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You’re welcome.
I agree; that colour chooser should not affect an image layer, even if one is selected, as it doesn’t make sense given what the user expects that control to affect.
You can post a bug report in the relevant section of this site if you want the developers to fix this.

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