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Envelope Deformation Tool Missing In Affinity Designer

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I have today purchased and installed Affinity Designer on my home computer, so I presume I have the latest version. Unfortunately, I purchased it without first trying it. My bad.

I was expecting Affinity Designer to be more advanced than DrawPlus and while in many ways it is, I discovered to my dismay that a tool that is quite important for designing logos etc., is conspicuous by its absence. And that is the Envelope Deformation Tool.

I have been using Serif products for quite a while now and was quite satisfied with them until I came across this setback. This tool is very much there in DrawPlus, so why is it not included in Designer? Affinity already has the code. I cannot understand this.

Serif has promised inclusion of this feature in a post back in 2018 (or so), but as yet haven't kept up to their promise. So, I presume it is clearly not on their agenda. 

So, my questions are:

  1. Is there a work around, where I can fit objects like text into an envelope and then deform it in Designer itself? I know there are some tutorials out there where you need to export the text into Affinity Photo and then manipulate it. That's too much of a complication. and
  2. Does Serif have a money back policy, if I am not happy with their product? I have looked thru' their website, but could not find any. I am happy to iuninstall Affinity Designer and get a refund for now. I can go back to it when things improve.

My intention was to install AD and then uninstall DrawPlus, but I clearly can't do that now.

It is a shame, but I need to have the envelope distortion tool. I thank Serif for dropping the price by 50%, but the envelope tool is very important for logo developers.

Thanks for any guidance.

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There are quite a few threads on this topic. Fully agree, it seems like a very basic tool is missing. There is some technical explanation for it somewhere but it fell a bit flat with me when I read it.

Fairly certain I was using this standard tool in the early 1990s with Aldus Freehand...... would love to see it here. 

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it´s the same with me... i work for two years with affinity apps happily ... but that one point missing is a desaster😑 and total showstopper in workflow. example... "oh i have that header typo - it needs a shadow - i make a copy - i can blur it - i can transform it it into paths.... but...hmmm? where´s that envelope or distortion tool...?!?"  corel draw in 1996 was able to do it... later freehand... illustrator (to mention the evil...) INKSCAPE can do it... But Affinity only gives us isometric guidelines - for that isometric dudes?!? sometimes i choose the Photo workaround... but this is stupid.

like a car - without permission for highways    

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