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Plug-ins TopazLabs do not work. I have an error message : 

"Can not Proceed - IPC Memory in use or Image size is too big for the system."

Is there a solution?



Digital Phototypes - Medieval Art & Preraphaelites

Topaz Plugins : Adjust, Detail


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Hi Digigravure,


Could you please confirm how you installed the Topaz plugins? Did you follow the instructions from Affinity Photo's help?



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Using Digigravure's suggestion for the 'Photoshop Plugins' tab dialogue in Preferences (8th August post), I have all of my Topaz plugins working apart from Re-mask 4. On launching Re-mask from Affinity Photo a warning message appears to say that the "transparency" needs to be unlocked. This happens whether the layer is locked or not.

My system is a rMBP running Mavericks. 

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Here is the solution for Mac.  First let me restate the error message so it will make it easier for others to find this answer:


"Cannot Proceed:  IPC Memory in use or image size is too big for the system."


In Affinity Photo, go to Preferences.

Choose Photoshop Plug-ins.  (I assume you already added the Topaz Plugins.  You should see them."

Near the bottom right, click the "Authorize Global" button.

You will have to restart Affinity.   (It will put a path of / that represents the root directory.)

Your Topaz plugins should work now.

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