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I'm hoping I'll have more luck with this question regarding Affinity Photo.


Has anyone tried refining a selection after you've added a B&W layer to your photo? Looks like the red overlay becomes B&W too and to my eyes it's hard to tell where the mask begins and ends.


I try to disable the B&W layer, but then the mask disappears. I have to exit refine selection and click again on Refine on the top toolbar and then I get my red overlay back.


To the developers -

1. Was this the intended behaviour - at least the part where overlay also becomes B&W?

2. Are you able to recreate the disappearing overlay issue when you switch off the B&W layer? This surely must be a bug.

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@MEB - thank you!


@coranda - the selection tool I believe is supposed to be used only a pixel layer to make an accurate selection of what you want.


If you use it on a mask layer (in this case B&W), the tool doesn't seem to automatically pick up on similar areas around where you made the selection. At least that's been my experience. I'll try after work tonight to see if I'm mistaken.

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I'm a little disappointed with this because it seems to me, intuitively, that the selection tool is applied to the image view and so should be selecting based on what is visible in that view.  This is related to the bug report I made, which seems not to be seen as a bug, where section tools ignore the effects of child filters.


I'd be happier if, at least as an option, selection tools looked at what is visible rather than just working on the selected pixel layer.


Perhaps I need to stop seeing this as a bug and make it a feature request.

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Hi coranda,

I see your point, but i'm also not sure if this can be considered a bug. I'm not aware of all the details to give you an explanation on why it's working this way. It may be a design decision or simply part of something that's still in progress but wasn't fully implemented yet. Andy Somerfield is the most suited person to reply to those questions (he's Affinity Photo's project lead) so i will left this for him.

Anyway, nothing stops you from requesting it as an alternative behaviour if you feel it doesn't work as it should.

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