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Embedded pdf links to phone numbers not working


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Hi Folks

Absolutely loving Publisher. However ...

... I'm trying to insert a link to a phone number as a URL in a pdf. For the link to work the format should be something like "tel:+44123456789".

The only available (and appropriate) option in Publisher to create this link is URL. However if you put "tel:+44123456789" as the URL then the exported pdf contains the link "https://tel:+44123456789", which is invalid.

I believe either 1) the output URL should be formatted correctly or 2) a URL of the format "tel:+44123456789" should flag as invalid at the time of input (if the URL box is not intended to hold a phone number).

See also this thread ... Link for telephone numbers.

Publisher version 1.7.3, MacOS Mojave 10.14.6.

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I have the 1.8 version of Publisher and the tel: XXXXXXXX seems to be working fine now.

I will admit, I've had issues with this in the past.  And today I was again searching for an answer but I couldn't find one.  

Some trial and error resulted in the following process that works for my exported .pdfs. I hope it works for you as well!

I select the shape, right click the mouse, select "Interactive", select "Edit Hyperlink".

Select URL.  I typed in tel: the telephone number.  I placed a space between the colon and the phone number. Hit OK

Follow the same process as above for a second time except instead of selecting "Edit Hyperlink", select "Go to Hyperlink Target" and select the phone type.

Good luck 



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