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[Feature Request] Improvements for Export Persona

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The export persona is a great time saver! However, it requires some love, as there are a few aspects that could be improved.

1. When moving multiple slices coordinates are disabled (greyed out). Moreover, it is impossible to change the x and / or y positions manually. It would be great if multiple slices could be moved similar to multiple objects in the "Move Tool" in the Photo Persona.

2. It would be great if the option "Transform Objects Separately" from the Photo Persona would be also available for multiple slices in the Export Persona.

3. Finally, I am really missing an option to transform object slices ("yellow slices") to manually created slices ("purple slices").

I often need slices around objects, but the slices should be slightly larger than the object itself (feature request 2) and the exported slices should also export all visible layers (feature request 3). Currently, I have to create all slices manually, which is not only lots of work but leaves also room for errors.

Cheers, Chris

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I think these all sound like reasonable requests, except that I don't think object slices should be changed to include all layers - I think the whole point of those slices is that they don't do that, thus allowing individual objects to be exported in isolation.  Being able to create an area slice from an object slice should neatly solve your problem though and that seems quite reasonable to me.


It seems too that it should be possible to create a slice from the raster selection, but that doesn't seem to be an option either...

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