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Can I use the GRADE UI KIT, FONT, etc., which I received at the time of product purchase, to work on the detailed page that sells online?

제품구매시 받은 GRADE UI KIT,FONT등을 인터넷으로 판매하는 상세페이지작업에 사용해도 되나요?

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Grade  UI  Kit  End  User  Licence  Agreement   Version  1.0:  1 st  June  2016     This  kit  is  supplied  in  Serif  Affinity  file  formats  and  is  distributed  by  Serif  and  Affinity  for  use  with   Affinity  software  products.  Serif  and  Affinity  are  not  a  party  to  this  Licence  and  have  no  responsibility  for  its  content  or  the  terms   of  this  licence.   This  is  a  legally  binding  software  licence  agreement  (“Licence”)  between  Sergey  Azovskiy  of   www.UIChest.com  (“we”  or  “us”)  and  you,  being  a  user  of  the  Grade  UI  Kit.  By  installing,  displaying,  copying,  accessing  or  otherwise  using  the  Grade  UI  Kit  you  agree  to  be  bound   by  the  terms  of  this  Licence.  The  licence  granted  to  you  is  limited,  non-­‐transferable  and  non-­‐exclusive  and  permits  you  to  use  the   items  contained  in  this  kit  (“Grade  UI  Kit”)  subject  to  the  terms  and  conditions  identified  in  this   Licence.      

You  may  use  the  Grade  UI  Kit:    

  • For  unlimited  personal  projects.    
  • For  a  single  commercial  project  for  yourself  or  a  client.    
  • On  its  own,  or  as  part  of  a  new  work.    
  • To  create  an  End  Product  for  a  client.      

You  may  not:      

  • Use  the  Grade  UI  Kit  in  any  product  (“End  Product”)  which  may  be  sublicenced,  sold,  shared,   transferred,  or  otherwise  distributed  where  parts  of  the  Grade  UI  Kit,  modified  or  in  original   form,  is  available  in  a  distributable  form  on  its  own,  or  is  part  of  any  product  where  the   Grade  UI  Kit  components  are  a  significant  portion  of  the  value  or  content  of  any  major   component  of  the  product.    
  • Use  the  Grade  UI  Kit  in  any  product  or  application  which  allows  an  end  user  to  customise  a   digital  or  physical  product  to  their  specific  needs,  such  as  an  “on  demand”,  “made  to  order”   or  “build  it  yourself”  offering.      
  • Permit  an  end  user  of  any  End  Product  you  have  created  to  extract  any  Grade  UI  Kit   components  and  use  it  separately  from  the  End  Product.    
  • Use  the  Grade  UI  Kit  as  part  of  any  logo,  trademark,  or  service  mark.      

Some  components  of  the  Grade  UI  kit  are  sourced  and/or  licenced  from  elsewhere.  These   components  are  listed  below  with  full  links  and  credits  in  the  Credits  and  Acknowledgments  section   of  this  Licence.  The  usage  terms  of  these  third  party  components  permit  the  allowable  uses  of  Grade   UI  Kit  contained  in  this  Licence  at  the  time  this  Licence  was  written.    We  take  no  responsibility  for  any   changes  to  these  third  party  usage  terms  that  have  occurred  after  this  Licence  was  written.       This  Licence  will  be  automatically  terminated  if  you  breach  any  of  the  terms  of  this  Licence. ...

Fonts:   The  Grade  UI  kit  uses  free  fonts  from  Google.  Please  visit  the  following  links  and  install  the  following   fonts  to  get  the  best  out  of  the  Grade  UI  kit  :     Roboto  Condensed   https://www.google.com/fonts/specimen/Roboto+Condensed         Roboto     http://www.google.com/fonts/specimen/Roboto

☛ Affinity Designer 1.10.6 ◆ Affinity Photo 1.10.6 ◆ Affinity Publisher 1.10.6 ◆ OSX El Capitan
☛ Affinity V2 apps still not installed and thus momentary not in use under MacOS

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