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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I planned to use Affinity to process scanned film negatives. Unfortunately I cannot open any linear dng files (output from VueScan, saved as .dng) only a thumbnail opens. Darktable opens the same files without any issues. I'm running Affinity on Mac Mojave 10.14.2. I could see that several people on the Windows subform have had the same issue already in 2017. Could someone please look into it? Thank you in advance!
  2. I've been scanning my old 35mm negatives with a Minolta Minolta Dimage Scan Dual IV so that I can put them up on my website. The negatives and all black and white and in need of a bit of attention, so my plan was to run them all through Affinity Photo to remove any dust and scratches and tweak the levels. I did this a few years ago with an old copy of Photoshop CS2 with no issues, so assumed the latest version of Affinity Photo should have no trouble. As I did the last time I scanned a batch of negatives, I have been scanning them with Vuescan as 16bit greyscale TIFF files. When I open the resulting TIFFs in Affinity Photo however, they are opened in the Develop persona with the picture completely blown out. On some occasions they fail to open at all and leave either a blank window reading 0x0 pixels, or crash the app completely. I'm happy to provide a copy of the error log if you think that would be helpful. I can kind of fix the blown out image (for the ones that do actually open) but it really shouldn't be necessary. The files which fail to open at all open fine in Preview, Photoshop CS2 and pretty much anything else I try to open them in. As it is, I am getting better results out of the almost 15 year old Photoshop CS2 than I am out of Affinity Photo. I know I could just use Photoshop, but my copy won't run on my current Mac so I have to open my TIFF files on an old Windows 7 machine. I would much rather however use Affinity Photo as I otherwise find it works very well for my needs. Is there any way in which I can open these TIFF files normally in the photo persona? Is this a bug or the intended behaviour for 16 bit TIFF files? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. When trying to open a linear RAW DNG file scanned with Vuescan, Affinity Photo only opens the embedded preview, not the actual full size Image File. It doesn't open Nikon NEF files from Nikon Scan 4.x Doesn't Affinity Photo at all support linear RAW scanned files from scanner software? This will be a big problem for everyone that wish to save scanned Images as linear RAW to get as much info as possible from the scan so that they don't need to rescan their negatives for every time they wish a different version of it. As of now, Affinity Photo is useless for me as I have tens of thousands of my Negatives scanned in this format, can you please fix this problem?
  4. Hi there, Tried looking this up before. I just got myself Affinity photo from the app-store and wow it is fast. But. I mainly shoot film, so my photos are RAW DNG's coming out of VueScan. Which means they are negatives that are about to be converted. I just tried opening one of them directly in AffinPhoto, and the max resolution that shows up is showing me 250 x 250 pixels...but when I open the converted TIF file, it shows up as the real size (5000 x 3800 in this case). Am I doing something wrong, or is the programme not possible to read the RAW-scan from VueScan? C
  5. My number 1 feature request would be support for Photoshop import filters so that I can import directly from my scanner using VueScan.
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