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  1. It sounds like moving my workflow to using 16 bit PNG files could be a workable option then. Am I likely to experience any noticeable loss in quality from using PNG over TIFF? I was under the impression that PNG was a compressed format, similar to JPEG, and therefore not ideal for archiving or editing? Alternatively—if I could work out which EXIF value is throwing off Photo—could I simply amend it with an EXIF editor to allow Photo to open the TIFF?
  2. Hi all, I don’t know if it will be too big, but I have put one of the images I was having trouble with on OneDrive for anyone who’d like to try it in Affinity Photo: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AicHLYxJy4LWgdgHyGFcrpZoC1iZ_Q Hopefully it’ll work, but let me know if you’d like me to post it elsewhere. Thanks Edit: the file comes out at just over 25MB
  3. Hi all, Many thanks for your responses. I note from @walt.farrell's link that this is an existing problem, as the symptoms seem to match my own exactly. It's a bit frustrating that this hasn't been fixed in the last six months, but at least I know the problem isn't my own incompetence! I did go back and check the develop settings, but there was not tone curve or exposure bias being applied. I suppose I could work with PNG files, but I'd much rather stick to uncompressed TIFF for scanning. I think I may sadly have to abandon Affinity Photo for the time being until this problem has been fixed and use something else. The post from April mentions that GIMP is able to open 16bit greyscale TIFF files without issue, so I think I will look at using that instead. Thanks
  4. I've been scanning my old 35mm negatives with a Minolta Minolta Dimage Scan Dual IV so that I can put them up on my website. The negatives and all black and white and in need of a bit of attention, so my plan was to run them all through Affinity Photo to remove any dust and scratches and tweak the levels. I did this a few years ago with an old copy of Photoshop CS2 with no issues, so assumed the latest version of Affinity Photo should have no trouble. As I did the last time I scanned a batch of negatives, I have been scanning them with Vuescan as 16bit greyscale TIFF files. When I open the resulting TIFFs in Affinity Photo however, they are opened in the Develop persona with the picture completely blown out. On some occasions they fail to open at all and leave either a blank window reading 0x0 pixels, or crash the app completely. I'm happy to provide a copy of the error log if you think that would be helpful. I can kind of fix the blown out image (for the ones that do actually open) but it really shouldn't be necessary. The files which fail to open at all open fine in Preview, Photoshop CS2 and pretty much anything else I try to open them in. As it is, I am getting better results out of the almost 15 year old Photoshop CS2 than I am out of Affinity Photo. I know I could just use Photoshop, but my copy won't run on my current Mac so I have to open my TIFF files on an old Windows 7 machine. I would much rather however use Affinity Photo as I otherwise find it works very well for my needs. Is there any way in which I can open these TIFF files normally in the photo persona? Is this a bug or the intended behaviour for 16 bit TIFF files? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
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