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  1. Copy. Yeah, it still will not open. C
  2. So this is not fixed for Mac yet then? C
  3. The file opens to proper size now, but is totally black. No information on the histogram... Forum didn't let me upload but here is a link to a printscreen https://ibb.co/Rcz8Fy6 C
  4. *Bump* I am hoping someone at the Affinity dev team looks into this... C
  5. Yes, correct I work with them as a negative. But also the DNG file that is saved can not be read by AP. It just shows up as a preview size. And no, that isn't feasible, since the color handling for vuescan isn't amazing saving the actual TIFF-file, I want to do it myself, adjusting the colors for the least lossless file. C
  6. I’m bumping this because this is sort of silly. Vuescan creator Ed Hamrick why there is an issue, and when I open the files with other softwares they have no issue. Even Apple’s own Aperture 3 can open it. What’s the hold up? C
  7. Archduk3

    DNG file opens in preview resolution(?)

    This is the contact form for the creator of VueScan. http://www.hamrick.com/support/frequently-asked-questions/how-do-i-submit-a-problem-report.html I really hope you guys reach out to try to solve this C
  8. Archduk3

    DNG file opens in preview resolution(?)

    May I suggest to reach out directly to VueScan creator to solve this? I just emailed him and he had no idea this was an issue. I can even open the files in my old Aperture software, so this is specific for AP. And I know quite few people that will wait to get AP until this is fixed C
  9. I just contacted Ed, the maker of Vuescan, and he had no one reaching out to him, trying so solve this from Affinity, is that true?! This is like 60% of all I work with so if this can't be solved I will just have to do a refund on the software. C
  10. So this issue has been around for almost a year now. Have anyone reached out to the creator of VueScan? C
  11. Hi there, Tried looking this up before. I just got myself Affinity photo from the app-store and wow it is fast. But. I mainly shoot film, so my photos are RAW DNG's coming out of VueScan. Which means they are negatives that are about to be converted. I just tried opening one of them directly in AffinPhoto, and the max resolution that shows up is showing me 250 x 250 pixels...but when I open the converted TIF file, it shows up as the real size (5000 x 3800 in this case). Am I doing something wrong, or is the programme not possible to read the RAW-scan from VueScan? C

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