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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Jon At the request of pmwjournals I am moving this to a new thread. Publisher is still crashing when I try to open existing files. Did the crash reports provide helpful information? I have tried opening other existing files, some of them quite small, and Publisher still crashes immediately. (For photos I have CS6 to fall back on, so I downloaded and installed v 1.8 of Affinity Photo. I have opened a couple of very large images in it and have had no problems at all, so that is good!) Trevor Jon I downloaded the resaved file and clicked on the Windows notification to open it, which launched Publisher and opened the document, with all pages now being blank. From within Publisher I then tried to open the resaved file (without closing the blank page version), which resulted in an immediate crash. I relaunched Publisher and with no other file open tried to open the resaved file, which again resulted in an immediate crash. Thank you for your assistance. I have to go out shortly, but will be back later. Trevor e1bb67ba-bd73-4161-a1f1-d4138a0db689.dmp 32f66fb7-f2e0-4b45-9e52-c0e223b727c3.dmp 051177cd-0c6c-4d01-a0ac-12c9496d6dd7.dmp de8b5d3f-acb5-4e18-903a-5765210b8941.dmp
  2. I have been able to repeatedly reproduce a Publisher user interface hang issue when running Windows 10 under any display scaling larger than 100%. If I set Windows display scaling to 130%, sign out, sign in, start Publisher, then use File / New to create a new document, the document gets created, but the UI stops responding and Task Manager shows Publisher's CPU usage spinning between 15% and 17%. The only way out is to use Task Manager to kill Publisher and go back to 100% display scaling. I use three 4K monitors running under nVidia drivers (up to date), Windows 10 Pro 10.0.18363 Build 18363 with 32 GB of RAM. I usually run at 100% scaling because all other applications I use are OK with it, but in Affinity applications, the menu and dialog fonts are too small at 100% unless I move my face to within about 8" of the screen. Affinity applications really need a way to scale the user interface without having to scale the entire OS display. Bob Clarke AffPublisher-1.0-folder minus Samples.zip
  3. I have a few picture frames. I add a text box and locate it near one of the picture frames. I create a transform point on the text box and snap it to a corner of the picture frame. I copy the text box. When I move the copy towards another picture frame, its transform point disappears. If switch to Designer Persona, I can use the Point Transform Tool to snap the text box copy's transform point to a corner of the second picture frame. Can that be done within the Publisher Persona?
  4. New drawing. Add Text Frame. Select Text Frame in Layers panel. Select Node Tool. Select Enable Transform Origin in the context toolbar. Nothing happens. Add rectangle. Select rectangle. Select Node Tool. Select Enable Transform Origin in the context toolbar. The rectangle gets its transform origin. Select Text Frame and its transform origin now appears. ????????
  5. Affinity Publisher 1.8 Bug In the Studio Hyperlinks Window, if you double click on any Name of the Hyperlink instead of the world icon, it clears the URL associated with that hyperlink, and the link will not work. You have to re-enter the hyperlink URL address. See attached screen video capture w audio. Mac OS 10.15.2 Late 2014 iMac 5K Publisher_Bug_HD_1080p.mov
  6. In Designer Document Setup, I unlock the width and height padlock and increase the height. When I go back to Document Setup, the padlock is still open, as expected. If I do something similar in Publisher, using Spread Setup, when I return to Spread Setup, the padlock has re-locked. Both are version 1.8. Is this a bug?
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