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Found 4 results

  1. Affinity Photo appears not to be releasing memory when an image file is closed, as shown in the attached video. The video opens with Affinity Photo having just been opened, with the memory used by AP shown in Task manager as 199.7MB. A 10,000 x 10, 000 px TIFF image is then opened which takes AP's memory use to 1,383,7MB. That file is then closed. I would have expected the memory used by AP to drop back to around the 200MB area, but it doesn't. It remains at 1,344.9MB My query is whether it should be doing this, and if not, whether it is only occurring on my system? Intel i7-2600 CPU @3.40GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX1050ti 4GB graphics Windows 10 (1909 build 18363.720) Affinity Photo Affinity_Memory_Query.mp4
  2. I cannot pinpoint what exactly causes the memory leak/maximization, but in the action of either going back in history to remove an edit/manipulation or zooming in and out along with changing brush size, the platform will quickly max out on memory causing a total machine memory max. It forces me to force close and re-open the program in order to continue working on the images. I will do what I can to pinpoint the behavior, but it's causing significant issues that are slowing our work within the system that was not a problem prior. I am on V
  3. Hi, I was recently working on a project for a large format print of 352" X 118" at 100 DPI. This is an image that is printed on a vinyl wall covering. Throughout the process of storing and closing the file, I was faced with really long delays and at one point, lost the whole content of the file while closing it. The file was in the 565MB size which is large, granted, but I ended up having to re-process the files in Photoshop to save them in .TIFF and PDF. Now I am not sure why Affinity Photo had such a problem handling such a large file, but perhaps optimizing memory management is something that needs to be looked into if this is common. Photoshop had no problem handling the file and converting to the proper format. So I was wondering if anyone has had issued handling very large files in Affinity Photo and / or Designer ? Now perhaps I should have handled this project in Designer, I didn't try it as I was pressed for time and assumed that Affinity Photo was a Photoshop equivalent notwithstanding the fact that Designer can handle raster graphics. I was using Affinity Photo for Windows on Windows 10, with an i5 processor and 32mbs of RAM. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. cheers, Christian L. Gatineau, Qc. CANADA
  4. This is absurdity! I will describe it briefly, because my English is bad. I wanted to merge objects (it was 31 objects) - it still takes longer than 10 minutes! I still waiting for effect ... I look to monitor activity, and there .. Check it screenshot. More than 26GB of memory usage?!?! My iMac Mini has 16GB. It's probably a bug or..? - how about that? When I finish this post it's now 20 minutes and still nothing. I guess I'll have to reset the AD. Any ideas? Btw, other programs and functions work flawlessly at that time. Cheers!
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