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  1. Hi MEB, just following up on this thread. Any date on Publisher Beta or Publisher availability ? thanks Christian
  2. Something I have done in Photoshop is create the file to the finish size I require, place guides all around the edges and then grow the canvas by the amount of bleed, i.e. .5in on both sides = 1" more horizontally and vertically. Its a work around, but Photoshop also does NOT have bleed settings like Illustrator.
  3. Hi, I was recently working on a project for a large format print of 352" X 118" at 100 DPI. This is an image that is printed on a vinyl wall covering. Throughout the process of storing and closing the file, I was faced with really long delays and at one point, lost the whole content of the file while closing it. The file was in the 565MB size which is large, granted, but I ended up having to re-process the files in Photoshop to save them in .TIFF and PDF. Now I am not sure why Affinity Photo had such a problem handling such a large file, but perhaps optimizing memory management is something that needs to be looked into if this is common. Photoshop had no problem handling the file and converting to the proper format. So I was wondering if anyone has had issued handling very large files in Affinity Photo and / or Designer ? Now perhaps I should have handled this project in Designer, I didn't try it as I was pressed for time and assumed that Affinity Photo was a Photoshop equivalent notwithstanding the fact that Designer can handle raster graphics. I was using Affinity Photo for Windows on Windows 10, with an i5 processor and 32mbs of RAM. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. cheers, Christian L. Gatineau, Qc. CANADA
  4. Hi gang, I see that Serif.com has a software called pageplus X9. Am I to believe that at some point in time, this will be re-coded to be part of the Affinity designer/photo suite of products ? If so when do you anticipate this ? Is PagePlus currently supported if I purchase it ? thanks Christian Gatineau, Quebec CANADA
  5. Hi gang, I'm a very happy user of Affinity Designer and Photo on Mac and Designer on Windows. I have recently started using these products exclusively for document preparation for printing. I have no problems setting the export features, but am wondering why we cannot see the bleed line from inside the Designer persona ? It is present in Illustrator and helps locating color boxes, photo placement to ensure proper cuts at the printers. Is this a deliberate omission or is there a setting that is hidden that I have not found ? Another thing is the dissapearance of items when half on the artboard and half off. Could you not perhaps provide a subdued silhouette of the whole item instead of not showing it at all, sometimes the items are only very slightly on the artboard and you loose sight of them. Just my $0.02 here, but definitely the bleed cut line is a MUST in the designer persona. Christian Gatineau, Quebec CANADA
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