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Found 3 results

  1. i have been working on this doc at work for a while now. its due. I cannot save the project. Save or save as does not work and i get this error. I need a fix asap. I tried opening another save since i always create copies and publisher closed and i lost the work i did. I left adobe because of this exact reason. Opened up document again, was able to save 2 times then the same error happened. I opened up a old save, copied ALL the pages over and still get the error. this is becoming devastating.
  2. I often work on my MacBook pro remotely connecting to my 12-Core Mac Pro via Apple Filesharing. I use many different programs this way. However whenever I try to use Affinity Designer 1.6.0 this way saves often fail forcing the document to close and losing work. I keep getting the following dialog. Failed to save document: DocumentName Save failed because access to the file was lost. The document must now be closed. (OK) Then of course clicking OK closes the document, losing my work in the process. It's very frustrating. I'm running Mac OS X 10.11.6 on a 4-core MacBook Pro where I'm using built-in Apple Filesharing to connect to a 12-Core Mac Pro. The files are located on an external 3TB OWC Raid connected to the 12-Core Mac Pro via the built-in USB-2. This only happens to me when accessing the drive via filesharing. It does not happen when accessing the drive locally on the 12-Core Mac Pro. Since this fails so often I then tried to use built-in screen sharing to just run Affinity Designer on the 12-core Mac Pro but do so remotely from the MacBook Pro over screen sharing. That then encountered another bug. When running Affininty Designer via screen sharing it often gets confused thinking that modifier keys are pressed when they are not. For instance clicking on an object layer and moving it causes it to create a new layer as if option-drag was used, when it's not. Clicking on a layer in the layer palette and then clicking on another layer selects them both as if I was shift-clicking when I'm not. Pressing the spacebar and dragging to pan the viewport gets stuck so that it then thinks the spacebar is still pressed after it is released. Etc. Due to these two issues I cannot reliably use Affinity Designer remotely. I often use many, many different programs in both of these ways, via filesharing and via screen sharing, and have not encountered either of these problems in any other programs. I'm connecting the MacBook Pro to the Mac Pro via Wi-Fi.
  3. Just installed MAS 1.3.2, seeing as the beta doesn't work any more. Made several changes to my current project. Did a cmd+S and AD displayed a message Failed to save document: Corvette 2015a Save failed because the file could not be written to (OK). Went to the menu and did a Save as to another name the error message stays exactly yet same, even the file name in the error message doesn't change. Out of about 20 MAS and beta updates installed I've never seen this problem. I'm just trying to save to my hard drive as usual. Same folder, Affinity Designer. Finder shows that all new names I tried to save my file under have been created but are zero length. Created a new drawing in 1.3.2 and it saved fine to the exact same place. The project that won't save has spanned a few versions. It started a couple betas back and was even updated several times in the last few days in the older MAS 1.2.1. Finally I clicked quit, it asked if I wanted to save and I said yes. It gave me a one second error message saying it failed to save and then exited AD. Finder says it was last modified just a few minutes ago. But when I reopen the file in 1.3.2 the changes I made are not there. I made a few changes using 1.3.2 again and now it's saving. What is going on? I don't see where other people had this problem with 1.3.2.
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