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Found 4 results

  1. In the attached .afphoto file you will see color artifacts. The file has multiple layers. In the Group is a copy of the background file which has been inverted and a bilateral blur filter applied. This layer has a Vivid Light blend mode. The next layer in the group is a copy of the background file with a Normal blend mode. Finally the entire Group has an Overlay blend mode. By adjusting the bilateral blur filter different amounts of sharpening are achieved. This process works perfectly for an 8 Bit RGB image. However, for a 16 Bit image it shows the color artifacts. I believe the artifacts are an bug in Affinity. A work around is to covert the image to 8 Bit, adjust the bilateral blur filter to your liking, merge visible and then covert the merged layer to 16 Bit. Thanks for your hard work. Bilateral_artifacts.afphoto
  2. Hi, I noticed that the High Pass live filter in the blend mode vivid color does not work correctly (or at least mine doesn't). it shows the problem on the Vivid Light blend mode, if I apply the filter to a pixel layer it works as it should, but if I apply the live filter, same values, same vivid light blend mode, it doesn't work correctly. I searched some tutorials on youtube of people using this and at least the mac version works as it should. Some details about my system: Intel i7 7700k, 32Gb ram, Nvidia GTX 1060 3Gb Affinity Photo Version Some pictures of the problem, Live Filter: Filter applied to pixel layer: Thank you. Regards.
  3. To increase the local contrast of an image, I apply the following approach in the photo persona: 1. Duplicate the layer 2. Set the blend mode of the upper layer to "vivid light" and the opacity to 20% - 30% 3. Apply "high pass" live filter to the upper layer with radius 100 px and monochrom checked This was working fine for both jpeg files and raw files coming from the develop persona for all versions before 1.8.2. For version 1.8.2 however, this leads to strange artefacts when using raw files from develop persona: Jpeg RAW I also tried a workaround by using only one layer (no duplicate) and applying the "high pass" directly to the lower layer using "vivid light" as blend mode for the "high pass" with the other settings (radius, opacity) as above. This works fine for the jpeg file but same unsatisfying result for the raw file. I have tested this for numerous jpeg-raw combinations and you can find 3 pairs attached. Images.rar
  4. Last night I was attempting to perform a High Pass sharpening routine using the High Pass live filter when I encountered a problem setting the filter to the Vivid Light blend mode which gives me the result below... If the live filter is set to any other related blend mode such as Hard Light or Linear light this does not happen and the image looks normal and sharpened as expected. Furthermore if I leave the live filter blend mode as Normal and set the associated image layer to Vivid Light the image again looks as expected with the desired sharpening applied. I checked to see if this was perhaps associated with the file source (Nikon NEF) but saw the same issue with a Canon CR2 raw as well. Is this a bug?, I don't think I've done anything wrong...
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