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Found 11 results

  1. I'm having this recurring issue, where if I clip something to a shape/curve at an angle the original shape/curve fill bleeds into the edge, which is particularly obvious when clipping a light color to a dark color as shown here: Can anybody help? Much appreciated clipping mask error.afdesign
  2. Hi! I've noticed quite an annoying bug when selecting and moving raster artwork within Affinity Designer's Pixel Persona. I've noticed this same issue in Affinity Photo, as well as the latest beta versions of Designer and Photo, and I have no clue why it happens. When drawing with something like the pixel brush or any brush that has a hard edge (with little to no anti-aliasing), the artwork blurs when being moved, but only when selected with a selection marquee tool, such as the lasso tool, first - see attached screen recording. This leaves a very visible difference between the selected and moved and unmoved artwork, and is even visible at 100%, which is obviously a big no-no for client work. Not totally unrelated, the selection path also seems excessively jagged on screen in comparison to something like Photoshop. I often use the selection tool when colouring my work, but the edge is noticeably jagged, even when zoomed out to 100% as well. I initially thought this may just be the pixel preview, but the jagged edge is very present - see attached screen shot, and it's also very present in the screen recording video too while making the selection path. As a final side note, a Wand Selection tool in Designer's Pixel Persona would be SOOOO helpful. Anyway, I'm not sure if these are bugs, but any advice or workaround for these things will be greatly appreciated! Screen Recording 2019-05-10 at 09.03.56.mov
  3. Hi people! I've been playing around with the AP trial and my wacom, and after a long story I realized there is something going on with how brush strokes are rendered in AP. In short, they are a bit coarse. I remember that a year or so ago, I had a similar issue with AD, but since then it's no longer an issue. Strangely I can't find the forum thread I reported it, so maybe I never got around to reporting it? dunno... Here is the AP variant ;-) Bug in Affinity Photo: Aliased brush strokes I do penciling and the AP brush strokes appear somehow too harsh. In manga studio/clip paint, artrage or photoshop it never posed an issue. But in AP It looks starnge and I keep checking if I'm zoomed by some strange factor (eg. 103.333% or 51.27%) and hence the jagged lines. To illustrate my point here are similar strokes painted in Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and Manga studio (clip paint). Of course manga studio and AD simplify the stroke but the displayed issue is not related. Hardness in all three brushes is maxed out. and zoom level is 100% AP: note that I've minimized spacing but even with a more casual value of 10 the jaggedness would be the same AD: Note that Affinity Designer still has the issue in the brush preview panel (Brush - Selection), but the actual stroke turns out fine. Manga Studio (brush aliasing set to medium): Details comparison: I believe PS to be even smoother, but I haven't got it on my current machine so I can't test it. I hope my point is obvious: the Clip Paint stroke is very smooth all-over, the AD is less smooth, but still smooth enough, but the AP gets too crips at times - appears jagged and... wrong (sorry I can't pinpoint it exactly) Bug in Affinity Designer While rendering the stroke in the artboard is fine nowadays, the stroke preview in the Brush-Selection panel still appears jagged just like AP. As if there is a different anti-aliasing level for the brush preview and the actual stroke! Thoughts In manga studio/clip paint, anti-aliasing strength can be further tweaked per brush. An option like that would be welcome in AD and AP, but this is secondary. hope this report made sense! -Fotis
  4. First of all, thank you for 1.6.4 release. I have this issue in both Photo and Designer that Rotate Canvas makes my lines jagged. In Designer my View mode is set to Vector and I have Bilinear as View quality. It is a real problem with thinner lines. I'm on Windows 10 64 bit.
  5. Hi there! Why after export everything becomes "pixel-like" ? I've attached 2 PNGs. These are parts of the same project - one exported and "screenshot'ed" and another just "screenshot'ed" from AD. Before export everything looks sharp (icons at the bottom) and soft (the wave under logo). Why after export everything goes wrong? The images I've attached are both PNGs, both are screenshots, both have the same DPI, dimentions etc. ? Is it possible to export sharp images, or it has to be always pixel-like and if so, why? best regards Cezary Kaczmarek
  6. Hey Affinity. I'll try and make this brief: 1.) I've bought into your Windows Program as soon as it was available because I loved the betas I participated in. 2.) I'm using the program to attempt production quality work and I'm running into issues that are common but they never have a direct answer. Setup: -Assets are created in 200x200 pixel RGB documents (300 D.P.I.) -Object Creation is created with "Force Pixel Alignment" and "Snap to Margins" set (as well as many other snapping settings that aren't displayed by guides or rules when manipulation occurs) -All issues occur on Paid version: Windows 10 x64 Issues: -Objects snapped to Artboard boundaries are rendered with Aliasing Artifacts. -Objects "snapped" to margins aren't truly aligned with margins, scroll in far enough and the placement is off, likely resulting in the artifcats -Artboard/Canvas doesn't draw accurately when zooming Concerns: -I'm needing to create a tilemap, a series of objects sized the same way that can be aligned flawlessly without export/rendering artifacts. -I've created a full tilemap out of objects that have supposedly "snapped" to the margins and it's full of rendering artifacts (aliasing, object out of place, etc) -I've attempted to recreate a single tile in a 200x200 shape that results in the same artifacts, blending pixels around margins when I expect a solid color Finally I ask this: -All this considered, is there a way to create a 200x200 and eventually a 100x100 object that forces FULL pixel alignment, exports to PNG with Transparency and avoids using Aliasing- or should I find another solution? I've enjoyed your product for an extensive amount of time, that being said, I've read enough on these forums to see that Pixel-Snapping considers "1/2" steps, results in floats, and exports include the artifacts included. If I had one request; I'd ask you to create a "pixel-perfect" mode that forces objects to fill full pixels, consider the dimensions of the canvas only (no float values) and renders based on the working image (Retina/Pixel view, no aliasing). If I'm setting up documents to fail, PLEASE educate me- I'd happily admit I'm wrong if you point me in the right direction, as of now, the work I've spent an excess amount of time is going to require just as long to clean up in other programs to create the desired result. Good luck, thank you for reading my book.
  7. Hi! I'm actually surprised no one wrote about this before... Every time I pan or zoom my screen (or when I move any object or points for that matter — i.e. every time), it happens non-smoothly, but with like some sort of tearing. In some jaggy steps. Everything is like flickering a bit. On top of that, every line on a screen becomes jagged\aliased for a moment, then they (sometimes?) get blurry, then they are smooth again. It's all kind of hard to describe, so here's the video: https://youtu.be/CTgm8NQ1yAw This honestly drives me nuts. It's really hard to look at and work this way. I have tested it on GTX 550 Ti and GTX 1060, tried updating drivers (no difference). I tried switching rendering engine in options, but haven't seen any difference :( I'm on Win7, but I'm not experiencing such problems in any other software. English is not my native language, so sorry for the mistakes. Regards, Savol
  8. Hi Guys, first post here... Currently trialling new options as alternatives to existing software at the minute. Personally I've used Fireworks for the last few years mainly for digital based designs. However going forward we need something new. Having looked at a few options Affinity seems to tick more boxes than the other options and looks great so keep up the good work :) Anyways on to the question. I'm guessing this may have been asked a lot but cant find a definitive answer. So simply when creating a shape and adding a border (Stroke) you get the fuzzy antialiasing edge. One side of the shape has a solid 1px border and other sides you get the extra faint line. Small issue but also very off putting. Am I doing something wrong here or is there a way to stop this so a 1pt / 1px stroke or whatever value stroke is solid with no fuzzy edges? The zoom is 100% here and I've made sure the shape was a realistic size like 500 x 200 px. Bottom left is zoomed in to show the aliasing. Thanks in advance Michael
  9. In several places of the UI of both Photo and Designer I'm seeing noticeable color fringing. I'm using an EIZO monitor and I'm running it at my monitor's native resolution - 1920 x 1080. Where is this coming from and can I fix it so that text is more clear? I haven't seen anything like this happen in other apps that I've used, Photoshop included. Please check the attached screenshot.
  10. Hi there, Is it possible to disable font aliasing so that I can use Pixel fonts? Pixel Fonts as in Any help would be great :-)
  11. Hi guys, this is really a minor bug, and appears only in the viewport – not in the exported image. But since AD is fun working with and I like practising, I'm sharing these graphics to illustrate the following bug: - make a curve with variable pressure - copy - convert the original to outlines - paste into the copy - change color of the pasted curve - offset - aliasing artefacts appear.
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