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Found 4 results

  1. I just upgraded to Mojave thinking I've waited long enough. Apparently not. Designer 1.7.2 is not usable anymore. All of my past documents created in Affinity just went to shit. Photo and Designer share the same bug. Good thing I didn't get Publisher yet. Error: Without fail, when you nest a gradient mask (rectangle) to any object or group, it kills everything in the layer stack below and above. The moment that mask gets disabled, the document looks normal again. It's hard to trust the apps with anything at the moment when even standard tasks fail so massively. Reproduce: Create a document with a few shapes, pixel layers and vectors (for diagnostic purposes) Create a Rectangle object. Drag a gradient out using the Transparency Tool. Find some element in the layer stack and drag that Rectangle next to it to mask it. Congratulations! You've just destroyed the entire document. It probably has to do with the ongoing graphics bugs that were introduced with the 1.7 releases. Is there a place where we can download past versions of Affinity apps (legally) or are we just screwed indefinitely? Gradually stepping back versions would help finding WHEN something got broken and narrowing it down to the WHAT. It would also mean I could work again.
  2. Hey all, I am having an issue with Affinity Photo on Mac. I keep trying to create a group of adjustment layers and apply a black mask to the group. However, every time I do so, the mask seems to be covering the background layer. Wherever black appears on the mask, the background disappears. The background layer is not part of the masked group. I believe this technique was previously working fine for me. I did update to 1.7.2 today, so I am wondering if this is a bug. Would appreciate any input! Thanks
  3. I'm working on a large project with multiple art boards. Since updating to 1.7.2, some of the masks and layer groups are broken and causing issues, which I can't seem to fix. Below are links to two files containing four art boards—each with problematic components—one saved in 1.7.1 the other in 1.7.2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/l39sty4fkvbwqzp/Troubleshooting 1.7.1.afpub?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/vrfp4ylebuawbvq/Troubleshooting 1.7.2.afpub?dl=0 When opening the large file in 1.7.2, I encountered the message below, and the file failed to save as well.
  4. Hello Affinities! First, I have to say: I really enjoy using Affinity Photo for "finishing" my landscape photos. Thanks for such a great product. Yesterday, on my Windows 10 desktop computer, I updated to Affinity Photo I opened a rather complex file and instantly noticed different rendering of the photo. I used an levels adjustment layer and a gaussian blur live filter in a group to create an orton effect. I reduced opacity and I put a masked on the group. While painting with a black brush on the white mask, a checkerboard pattern occured. I simplified that. A loaded a photo, created an empty pixel above put it in a group and masked the group. Paining the mask leads to the same effect. There seems to be an bug in masking a group or is this a rendering option I can disable in the preferences? Thanks and best regards, Jens
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