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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, just a minor (but annoying thing): I use Publisher (latest version) on Mac 10.14.3. German language. Also for the previous version: The tab order in the transform panel is wrong. I enter the cursor into the x-field, enter my value, press tab … … and the width-field is activated. From there the cursor jumps to the y-field, then to the height-field (see screenshot). Correct tab order in my understanding would be X > Y > Width > Height Thanks for making a great app Reinhard
  2. Launch Af Pub and select an object (create it if necessary), then go to the "transform" window triple click on the mesure into the "X:" box... then use the tab key to switch to other strings on the window... every thing works.... now use shift+ tab to switch in reverse order... now it only works from the "R:" and "S:" box, it doesn't work from the 4 other boxes. BTW I think it's really a bad idea to use the TAB key by default to switch on/off the UI