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  1. reinhardmohr

    'Transform' dialogue

    Hi, I have the same issue. I had reported it here: This morning I again tried to figure out a workaround. But the only thing I could find out that this strange behaviour also changes when I switch the document from facing pages to non-facing pages. Sometimes the first page shows the correct X and Y values, sometimes it does not. Thanks Reinhard
  2. Hi, a terrible thing (at least for me) has happened with the latest release: I have just updated to Publisher (latest version) on Mac 10.14.3. German language. And now everything goes wrong with the origin of the coordinates. As long as it‘s only a one-page-document everything is fine. But when I have more than one page everything gets weird: The x-origin of the FIRST page is now calculated in minus from the right border. y is okay. On the SECOND (left) and all the following pages the y origin is obviously calculated from the origin of page 1. So on higher page numbers my text frames and pictures have y-values in the thousands … To make it more complicated: On master pages everything seems to be fine. So I have attached and detached master pages, have tried to set the page origin manually (with the rulers) but nothing helps. This is a new bug – and makes Publisher absolutely a desaster and non-usable on documents with more than one page. I have attached screenshots to make it clearer. Please help urgently – thanks a lot! Reinhard
  3. reinhardmohr

    Wrong tab order in transform pane

    I do see there is a form of logic to it. But not a very helpful logic. Usually the coordinates belong together. And then the dimensions. Mixing this means confusion for me … Thanks Reinhard
  4. Hi, just a minor (but annoying thing): I use Publisher (latest version) on Mac 10.14.3. German language. Also for the previous version: The tab order in the transform panel is wrong. I enter the cursor into the x-field, enter my value, press tab … … and the width-field is activated. From there the cursor jumps to the y-field, then to the height-field (see screenshot). Correct tab order in my understanding would be X > Y > Width > Height Thanks for making a great app Reinhard
  5. Hi, I had the same problem here today. And it almost drove me crazy. I tried every possible combination of colour settings in the preferences and of settings in the export panel. It didn't work properly. So I finally resigned and reset the export settings to pdfx3-2003 and exported the file (and excepted a grayscale photograph to be printed in cmyk). AND NOW IT WORKED CORRECTLY! I have no idea why – but maybe when tracking down the bug this could help. Thanks for making publisher! Reinhard
  6. reinhardmohr

    Build 192 PDF Export

    Hi, I‘m on Publisher – and I have this problem, too. But I had it with the previous version, too. But I think I now got closer to the problem: It obviously has something to do with the fonts. Whenever I click to include the fonts into the pdf file Publisher is calculating the size of the file forever. And when I click "Export" the error pane shows. But when I click "convert fonts to outlines" it works: The size is calculated and the pdf file can be exported without any problems. Maybe this helps. Thanks for making Publisher – that's great! Reinhard