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  1. Hi, I started this thread and just checked with my version of Publisher: I am on a Mac, too, have version 1.7.1, use German language, bought Publisher on the Affinity store and everything works fine with me. Tab order on the transform panel is correct. Good luck Reinhard
  2. Hi, I have the same issue. I had reported it here: This morning I again tried to figure out a workaround. But the only thing I could find out that this strange behaviour also changes when I switch the document from facing pages to non-facing pages. Sometimes the first page shows the correct X and Y values, sometimes it does not. Thanks Reinhard
  3. Hi, a terrible thing (at least for me) has happened with the latest release: I have just updated to Publisher (latest version) on Mac 10.14.3. German language. And now everything goes wrong with the origin of the coordinates. As long as it‘s only a one-page-document everything is fine. But when I have more than one page everything gets weird: The x-origin of the FIRST page is now calculated in minus from the right border. y is okay. On the SECOND (left) and all the following pages the y origin is obviously calculated from the origin of page 1. So on higher page numbers my text frames and pictures have y-values in the thousands … To make it more complicated: On master pages everything seems to be fine. So I have attached and detached master pages, have tried to set the page origin manually (with the rulers) but nothing helps. This is a new bug – and makes Publisher absolutely a desaster and non-usable on documents with more than one page. I have attached screenshots to make it clearer. Please help urgently – thanks a lot! Reinhard
  4. I do see there is a form of logic to it. But not a very helpful logic. Usually the coordinates belong together. And then the dimensions. Mixing this means confusion for me … Thanks Reinhard
  5. Hi, just a minor (but annoying thing): I use Publisher (latest version) on Mac 10.14.3. German language. Also for the previous version: The tab order in the transform panel is wrong. I enter the cursor into the x-field, enter my value, press tab … … and the width-field is activated. From there the cursor jumps to the y-field, then to the height-field (see screenshot). Correct tab order in my understanding would be X > Y > Width > Height Thanks for making a great app Reinhard
  6. Hi, I had the same problem here today. And it almost drove me crazy. I tried every possible combination of colour settings in the preferences and of settings in the export panel. It didn't work properly. So I finally resigned and reset the export settings to pdfx3-2003 and exported the file (and excepted a grayscale photograph to be printed in cmyk). AND NOW IT WORKED CORRECTLY! I have no idea why – but maybe when tracking down the bug this could help. Thanks for making publisher! Reinhard
  7. Hi, I‘m on Publisher – and I have this problem, too. But I had it with the previous version, too. But I think I now got closer to the problem: It obviously has something to do with the fonts. Whenever I click to include the fonts into the pdf file Publisher is calculating the size of the file forever. And when I click "Export" the error pane shows. But when I click "convert fonts to outlines" it works: The size is calculated and the pdf file can be exported without any problems. Maybe this helps. Thanks for making Publisher – that's great! Reinhard
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