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  1. Hi, I had a very similar problem during the last few days: While exporting a pdf file usually worked as expected it suddenly became terribly slow. I tried and retried and exported from a new file with only one word – and finally it seems to have been a font related problem. I restarted my Mac, restarted my font manager (Right Font 5) a few times, cleared the font cache with Right Font 5. And after working on these lines everything suddenly worked again! Now the export to pdf is even faster than before. So I think you could try clearing the font cache. (I think I remember that it can also be done on a Mac by starting in safe mode? Not sure …). I hope this helps! Good luck Reinhard
  2. Hi, some more information – and maybe a workaround: I just had to do a print project for a customer where the above described problem happened again. But I worked a little bit on the settings and found two differences: Even tiff photographs are not properly calculated on exporting to pdf when they are unevenly stretched. So Publisher exports a tiff with constrained proportions correctly with 300 dpi. But when stretched into one direction more than the other (e.g. 120 % y axis, 80 % x axis) the result in the pdf is a resolution that is to low in one direction. In this print project the error only happened when I had set „downsample above 450 dpi“ in export settings). So images with a high placed resolution were improperly downsampled. When I unchecked this box the images were unaltered when the pdf file was generated. So the pdf file was much bigger but preflighting and printing were okay. The problem: When I tried to repeat this today with a new file (not the actual print file I had worked on for my customer) there was no problem with the exported pdf file. So I am not 100 % sure what combination of settings or file size or image size or whatever causes this bug. I just know it's there and I have to care for it – and I have to unclick the downsample checkbox. Maybe this helps a bit further. Thanks for helping Reinhard
  3. I copied the last 4 reports I found. I don't know if these are the right ones you need – I did my best. Being crash1.txt the latest report, crash4.txt the oldest one. The folder in my library seems to be empty; I zipped it and attached it nonetheless. Made a zip file from everything together, hope this helps. Thanks for your support Reinhard reports.zip
  4. Hi, I‘d like to. But a) I can't get it to crash right now: Only the error message comes up. b) Where would I find the crash report? I was looking in console. I found something about Publisher – but I‘m not familiar with Console so I have no idea where to search and find … Reinhard
  5. Hi, this is the right direction to find the bug: I checked Paul's file in Acrobat (latest version): It‘s okay, no problem with transparency. Whenever I try to export from Publisher with the Affinity presets for pdf-x3 or pdf-x4 I get the attached error message or Publisher crashes. When I export to pdf-x3 with my own settings (custom settings but x3 as a standard) Publisher exports the .afphoto file with the totally low resolution. When I export to pdf-x4 with my own settings (my custom settings but x4 as a standard) Publisher exports as expected: No error message, correct resolution. Maybe this helps. Thanks to everybody – please keep me updated! Reinhard
  6. Hi, I just had my pdf file checked by a friend with Adobe Acrobat. It shows the same results as Callas pdfToolbox: The resolution of the .afphoto file ist 111dpi (see screenshot). I can't find the pattern of a possible error/bug. Who could help? Thanks Reinhard
  7. Hi, thomaso, thanks for helping. yes, the photograph is absolutely jaggy. It came (like so many) as a jpeg included in a Word file from the customer. Okay, it's terrible but it can be printed. Just happend that I accidentally picked this image. PSO Coated v3 is the photograph's profile and the document's profile in Publisher. Should be correct. No idea where US Web coated came from … I don't have Acrobat anymore. Maybe I ask a friend to check my file with Acrobat. So it could be a problem not with Publisher but with Callas pdfToolbox for preflighting? I will check this! Thanks Reinhard
  8. Hi, I just rechecked everything again. Here is what I did: The image seems to be linked without any problem: Screenshot 1 I export just this page as pdf: Screenshot 2 The settings: Screenshot 3 I do a preflight check with Callas pdfToolbox immediately after exporting: resolution of 111 dpi!!! Screenshot 4 I also attach the pdf file that Publisher created and that I had just preflighted with Callas pdfToolbox. It would be great if you could find a solution to the missing resolution! Thanks Reinhard Brücke-Jahresbericht_für_2019_S13.pdf
  9. Hi, I uploaded the file (180 MB) to my server. Please download it from here: https://www.reinhardmohr.de/Bruecke-Jahresbericht-2019.zip Thanks Reinhard
  10. UPLOAD FAILED THREE TIMES – CAN YOU PROVIDE AN ALTERNATIVE? Hi, Pauls, thanks for helping. It must be "resolution" – not "solution". Was too tired … I attach the .afpub file that made the problems. The image I had already uploaded is on page 13 = page number 11. If you need more images – please let me know. Thanks Reinhard
  11. Hi, a terrible bug I concerning the resolution of photos when exported to pdf x3. I don't know if it‘s a bug in Photo or Publisher – but I found it in Publisher so I report it here. I use Publisher 1.8.2 – just upgraded this morning from 1.8.1. I also upgraded Photo and Designer. I had layouted a 68 page brochure and exported it for printing. When I checked in my preflight application (Callas pdfToolbox) I noticed that many photographs had a resolution much lower than the required 300 dpi. I checked everything – but in Publisher the Ressource Manager showed the placed resolution as absolutely sufficient. And I had used the export settings before; never had had problems. After a lot of trial and error I found that I had to export the photographs from Affinty Photo in tiff format and insert them into my Publisher document. This resolved the problem. But this problem did not happen with all the files in .afphoto format – but with many. I could not find the exact reason for it. But I wanted to inform you about the bug and the workaround. Additional problem: Some of the photographs had been sent to me in RGB format with the profile sRGB included. Even when I converted them to PSO coated 3 in Affinity Photo, saved them in .afphoto format and inserted them into my brochure (all photographs are linked) my preflight app showed them with totally low resolution (down to 96 dpi), in RGB format and with sRGB profile. I double checked my preflight app with last years pdf from last years brochure – everything fine there. So it must be a bug in the Affinity apps. As I said: There is no clear system behind the problems. Only the workaround as tiff files. I hope you can fix it! Thanks for your support Reinhard P.S.: I attach one of the photographs that caused the problems. Maybe it helps. Kindertheater1.afphoto
  12. Hi, Gabe, thanks a lot – this worked like a charm! I hadn't noticed this button before. So I learned something new and helpful, too! Thanks for helping Reinhard
  13. Hi, some more information and files and screenshot: The tiff (first photograph) does reflow. The .afphoto with an adjustment layer on top does not (second photograph with opened reflow panel). New information: Merging the layers to the background layer seems to work. AND merging the layers to a new layer on the top seems to work (third photograph). I attach a publisher file with filler text and three photographs I used for the screenshot above. I hope this helps. Thanks for helping Reinhard Reflow-Test.afpub m1t2 Joharifenster 2 no layer.afphoto m1t2 Joharifenster 2.afphoto m1t2 Joharifenster 2.tiff
  14. Hi, I'm on Publisher 1.7.3 and have the latest version of Affinity Photo, too. Whenever I place an image in Publisher (photograph or diagram) I experienced that text reflow /text wrap did not work (which expression is right in English: reflow or wrap?). Obviously sometimes it seems to work – but very often it did not work. Usually I had placed an image with .afphoto as file extension. Sometimes I could fix the problem when I exported the file in Affinity Photo as a tiff file and replaced the image in Publisher. More often text reflow worked properly in Publisher when I opened the image in Affinity Photo and reduced the layers (mostly Tonwertkorrektur in German, in English Tone Mapping????) to the background layer. This worked always. Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug in Photo or Publisher? Thanks for helping Reinhard
  15. Hi, I have the same problem here. Publisher 1.7.2 on Mac OS 10.14.6. I have some text and some Designer files on the page. As recommended above I changed the colour spaces of the Designer files – this didn't change a thing. Always crashed. But when I removed the Designer files from the page completely (only text left) then printing worked without crashing.
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