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Found 7 results

  1. I'm trying to create a macro to remove the white background from product images (shirts).. when i create the macro, it works 1 time, then crashes AP every time after that. i'll attach the macro here.. but here are the steps start recording select magic wand tool, click on white background to make selection select > invert selection select > grow/shirk, type in -1, hit apply select > refine edges (make no changes), hit apply click on the Mask button on the layers palette stop recording.. I know you can select Output > Mask from inside the refine edges window, but that makes it crash too.. also included an image of one of the shirts RemoveWhiteBackground.afmacros
  2. The macro is as follows: Apply selection refinement Delete the selected area Unselect I recorded the macro and photo did not crash when I did the actions manually. I'm at a loss for why it is not working in the macro. The macro specified is attached, but it will crash your application also. selections.afmacro
  3. Hello, I've been using Affinity Photo for 1+ year and had no problems with macros before. Recently I updated my PC and had to reinstall Affinity Products. Unfortunately, Photo crashes every time I run a macro (I recreated the macro I used before). I found out that the "Selection Refinement" step is to blame (I use this to smoothen the mask). Exporting to "Library" doesn't solve the problem, but disabling this step/steps helps and Photo won't crash. I attached the macro and sample files (macro requires 2 layers in a document). I'd be thankful for any help with this. Regards, Michal Test.zip
  4. When using "Refine Selection" and "Feather" in a macro Affinity Photo crashes immediately without error message. Disabling Metal does not help. Best, Chris
  5. Hi All, In Affinity Photo version, the Refine Selection tool is crashing when it has been recorded in a macro and when the macro is run. Could you please fix it? I need it to handle an image sequence. Thanks in advance. Best regards
  6. I created a macro to build a vignette, before the macro is run a selection must be made. When I first created the macro, it worked well on the image, however, after saving it to the macro library, when I re-open Affinity Photo and try to run against another image the program crashes. So I tried recreating the macro and the same thing happened, it works on the image at the time but if I save it to the library, open Affinity Photo again, make my selection and then try to run the macro - the program crashes. I have attached a copy of the exported macro. vignette_2020.afmacro
  7. I have a problem with Affinity Photo 1.7.3 on Mac 10.15 and Windows 7. When I do this: - I select an object - Macro - Start recording - Refine - I'm setting the parameters - Apply - Stop recording - Add macro to Library - I close the file and open the other file - I'm start a macro from the library - ... and the application has a crash. Check if you have the problem too, and let me know.
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