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  1. After it is this feature has been added to the move tool in the Photo Persona (see below, copied from the new features in v1.70), ... ... it would be great if this feature could be also added to the slice tool in the Export Persona. Currently, each slice has to be resized individually.
  2. Oh yes! The yellow slice exports ONLY the element, but not the background. If you hide the element your slice is empty.
  3. Export Persona: It would be extremely helpful if item slices (indicated in yellow) could be converted into normal slices (indicated in purple). Chris
  4. Yes, I am missing this feature almost every day. All workarounds have their limitations.
  5. I started the following thread some time ago: As there seem to be more and more people interested in this feature, I place now an official feature request: It would be awesome if you could implement a function, which allows resizing multiple existing objects individually keeping their current positions. Best, Chris
  6. chr.schmitz


    There is another scrolling issue, which I have not yet found in other threads. The page zoom sometimes changes (pages zoom out) when scrolling through a document. I am using a 2-button mouse with scroll-wheel, which acts also as the third button. This never happened (so far), when using the trackpad for scrolling. Cheers, Chris
  7. I finally found that the export of x and y positions of slices is already possible. If you select in the Export Persona Batch builder: Spine JSON together with the slices a JSON file is exported. This file contains center x and y positions as well as the size of the exported object. With these information it is easy to calculate the positions of each corner. Interestingly (0, 0) is the lower left corner of the image, and not the upper left corner as in Affinity. It should not be too much additional work to add some export formats in easier readable format, such as CSV. Cheers, Chris
  8. Hello, it would be great, if the Export Persona could export a file (e.g. csv format) with the names and coordinates of the slices. Best, Chris
  9. Thanks to all of you! I am still not perfectly happy, but now I now, that I did not miss a very effective way. Chris
  10. Hi Affinity pros, I am struggling already some time with a supposedly simple problem: I have a photo of a wooden plane (see attachment), which was taken with flashlight. In the middle of the plane is a nasty glowing area. I try to get rid of that. When I try to reduce the glow the picture becomes either blurry or the area tends to become grey instead of brown. Any idea, what I can do? Thanks in advance for any advice! Best, Chris
  11. It would be a great help, if Affinity Designer / Photo could export information for slices from the transform panel (X, Y, W, H, rotation), e.g. in a CSV file. Chris
  12. chr.schmitz

    Copy and Paste Crash

    I came the problem a little bit closer: the crash only happens, if the font tool is activated. If I switch to another tool, the programs do not crash.
  13. chr.schmitz

    Copy and Paste Crash

    I am using Designer and Photo in German.
  14. kirk23, you are right! Selecting by tags would be even smarter than selecting by names...
  15. chr.schmitz

    Copy and Paste Crash

    I forgot to mention: macOS Sierra 10.12.2 and the current versions of Designer (v1.5.4) and Photo (v1.5.1).