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  1. Hello, it would be great, if the Export Persona could export a file (e.g. csv format) with the names and coordinates of the slices. Best, Chris
  2. chr.schmitz

    Remove flash artifact (glow)

    Thanks to all of you! I am still not perfectly happy, but now I now, that I did not miss a very effective way. Chris
  3. Hi Affinity pros, I am struggling already some time with a supposedly simple problem: I have a photo of a wooden plane (see attachment), which was taken with flashlight. In the middle of the plane is a nasty glowing area. I try to get rid of that. When I try to reduce the glow the picture becomes either blurry or the area tends to become grey instead of brown. Any idea, what I can do? Thanks in advance for any advice! Best, Chris
  4. It would be a great help, if Affinity Designer / Photo could export information for slices from the transform panel (X, Y, W, H, rotation), e.g. in a CSV file. Chris
  5. chr.schmitz

    Copy and Paste Crash

    I came the problem a little bit closer: the crash only happens, if the font tool is activated. If I switch to another tool, the programs do not crash.
  6. chr.schmitz

    Copy and Paste Crash

    I am using Designer and Photo in German.
  7. kirk23, you are right! Selecting by tags would be even smarter than selecting by names...
  8. chr.schmitz

    Copy and Paste Crash

    I forgot to mention: macOS Sierra 10.12.2 and the current versions of Designer (v1.5.4) and Photo (v1.5.1).
  9. chr.schmitz

    Copy and Paste Crash

    Yes: the elements, which I copy with cmd + c and cmd + v, are groups with only two elements but one text layer.
  10. chr.schmitz

    Copy and Paste Crash

    It happened with different files (but with similar content).
  11. chr.schmitz

    Copy and Paste Crash

    Hello, I struggled some time, whether I should open a thread with this issue as I cannot provide a receipt how to reproduce the crash. But after it happened so often, I will do it anyhow. Affinity Photo (same issue with Affinity Designer) crashes, when copying an element from the layer panel, but only after working some time with the program. After a restarting the program everything works perfect. Saving just before copying does not solve this issue. The current workaround is a little bit inconvenient (but I learned to remember before copying anything): save the file, leave the program, restart the program, do the job. Anything else I can do to tackle this issue? Best, Chris
  12. chr.schmitz

    Resizing a group of identical objects

    Unfortunately symbols are current limited to <pixel> content. I tried to use symbols to do so, but it did not work for me: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/25963-ad-15x-symbols-scrambled/ :(
  13. chr.schmitz

    AD 1.5.x Symbols Scrambled

    This issue is still unsolved in v1.5.3. Any workaround? Chris
  14. chr.schmitz

    AD 1.5.x Symbols Scrambled

    Hi Vivian, thank you very much for the explanation! Is it possible to transform rasterized content into an image? Best, Chris
  15. chr.schmitz

    AD 1.5.x Symbols Scrambled

    Hello, I have an issue with the great new feature "Symbols". Attached you will find a series of screen shots, which illustrate the problem: ScreenShot1: let's start with a document with 2 groups: Background and Stop Pedale OFF ScreenShot2: make a symbol of Stop Pedale OFF ScreenShot3: duplicate the symbol. ScreenShot4: change the x position in the transform panel to another value (here 540) ScreenShot5: now everything is scrambled! The position of the first symbol moved from 260 to -15.2, and the positions of the child elements have also changed. Attached you will find an archive with the 5 screen shots and the test document. Best, Chris TestDocument.afdesign ScreenShots.zip