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  1. I'm trying to create a macro to remove the white background from product images (shirts).. when i create the macro, it works 1 time, then crashes AP every time after that. i'll attach the macro here.. but here are the steps start recording select magic wand tool, click on white background to make selection select > invert selection select > grow/shirk, type in -1, hit apply select > refine edges (make no changes), hit apply click on the Mask button on the layers palette stop recording.. I know you can select Output > Mask from inside the refine edges window, but that makes it crash too.. also included an image of one of the shirts RemoveWhiteBackground.afmacros
  2. will there be an envelope tool / blend tool / warp tool / text warp options in the new version? isometric (3d) seems like it'd be something to add after the features mentioned above.... thanks