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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I've got an issue with black dots with varying pixel sizes appearing in the image on screen. Switching filters on and off changes their location, as does changing zoom level. Luckily they're not visible in exported images, but annoying nonetheless. Thanks and best regards, Henning
  2. Hi Affinity team, I shot a panorama of four RAW files making up for one panorama. All of them are deliberately underexposed to preserve the sky details -and they have somewhat different exposure time because some of them are shot against the rising sun.. Shouldn't be a big deal to compensate this - they are ISO 200 RAW files after all. When I import them with the "New panorama" wizard, AP wants to create 2 panoramas of two images each, obviously not recognizing the four belong together. (All images do overlap significantly.) Anything I can do to convince AP to create one panorama from all four? ... apart from possibly tone mapping them separately (thus correcting for the different exposure) and trying to stitch the resulting JPGs, which is rather cumbersome. Matthias.
  3. Hi Affinity team, I created a 32 bit panorama out of 5 EXR files (64MP in total). Stitching worked reasonably well and the preview showed no problems. Then I rotated the panorama slightly, cropped the area to export and exited the panorama Persona with the option enabled to fill missing parts of the panorama (using "Inpainting"). Well, first of all, it didn't really fill the two missing corners the way shown in the tutorial video - it just filled them black. But more, on the left hand side of the panorama there appeared a somewhat regular pattern of black dots artefacts. Here a detail view: First I thought it might just be a display error but the dots also appeared in the final JPG panorama image. Please find a larger crop of its top left corner attached. This is reproducible. I just spend another half an hour to process the panorama again, and again it ends up in the Photo Persona with black dots on the left hand side. :( Affinity Photo Trial (Win) Matthias.
  4. Hi Affinity team. I had loaded a large HDR panorama (5 x 24MP) into the Tone mapping persona. This took a very long time (>5 min.) but eventually the panorama was loaded and shown. I did some edits, created a gradual overlay and adjusted that. When I then moved the vibrance slider to the right (on the base layer I believe) I got following error with AP subsequently shutting down: Unlike suggested in the message there was no crash report shown when I started the program the next time so I don't know if I can provide any more information. AP Trial (Win) on a Core i5-2537M Quadcore notebook with 8GB RAM, WIn7 (64 bit) Next time I loaded the panorama and went to vibrance slider right away there was no crash. -> Maybe coincidence. Matthias.
  5. Hi Affinity team, just a small bug in the Tone mapping persona on v. Trial (Win): If (after importing a HDR image and switching to the Tone mapping persona) you set the brightness to, lets say, 25, then undo this (Ctrl+Z or via the protocol bar) and then redo the step, the slider will show "-25" (instead of 25), although the image appears correct. Affinity will always negate the selected brightness value after undo/redo. Seems this is the only affected slider. It doesn't do this in the Develop persona either. Matthias.
  6. Hi, Photo recently randomly just "disappears" without an error message. Mostly when doing (supposedly) memory heavy operations like for example tone mapping a panorama. Only in one case a recovery file was available and there are no crash reports in %APPDATA%/Affinity... Is there a way I can help in debugging this? Thank and best regards, Henning
  7. I have version 1.5.1 on a Mac. The Inpainting Brush Tool does not work. Any suggestions?
  8. I've just paid for and downloaded the latest version of Affinity Photo (1.5.1) today, but the Trial Version I've been using for the past week was 1.5.2. Is there a way to update the paid for version, or is it only the Trial Version which is 1.5.2?
  9. Where has the gradients panel gone, I can only create a new fill layer with a gradient and then set it to a solid color - I can no longer with 1.5.1 set the gradient or fill layer to a bitmap fill (was one of the features of AP that I really liked) Is this a bug or just a feature that has been deleted on the mac ?? Or is it tucked away in some different section ?
  10. The first thing I do with a new camera, is set it to Adobe RGB. I opened a JPEG from my Sony A7R Mark 2. Affinity 1.5.1 says my file is in sRGB. This is a bug. Please check the screenshot.
  11. I tried to resize my Canvas from 1575x1080 to 1920x1080. I selected the centre anchor point. The resized image is not proportionately resized. There is noticeably more new space on the right than on the left. Check the screenshots. Second bug I find in 5 minutes, in the production edition of AP. This is not good.
  12. Hello, I have encountered a very reproducible bug in Affinity Designer, where splitting a path inside a symbol would cause the program to drop it and then subsequently crash on cmd+z. Here is a short video with demonstration: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZDNRgZ6WtzY9CttF7KMtX4jwLCN5Ctbvd7 Here is the file being edited in the demo: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZMNRgZYOid1rTySyLoK6DeqdTwq4KRmqwX A crash log from the demo: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZxNRgZhYDi63jSdLbOA3n1oQiHrmzTAqck Thanks!
  13. I am trying to download the 1.5.1 to fix the crashing problem but on the app store I don't see an update...Only the purchase
  14. Hi there Some of the files I send to print require more bleed on the bottom. The export document has all this extra unnecessary white space, which did not appear in the previous version of affinity designers exports. I've attached samples, hopefully they help resolve the issue. bleed-test.afdesign bleed-test.pdf
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