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Found 2 results

  1. My eyesight is not good and I use 2 monitors with 2 different settings for ease of use. I find that working on a single layer (image) the image gets distracted with surrounding images/colours. Yes I can select layers by clicking them on or off but it would speed up workflow if I could click on it and hold the mouse button down on it for 3 seconds would automatically turn OFF view of all other layers. So this is more like an accessibility issue than anything else. Just a suggestion. Thank you.
  2. Although I'm looking for an alternative to photoshop for linux I found for windows, but it was a great find. I'm trying the trial, but wanted to give my feedback. I loved the tool and I'm crazy to convince my company to make the switch, but I have some concerns (especially one), and I'd love to know if there are plans to solve them. First of all, sorry for my english, I'm from Brazil. (I tested Affinity Design on WIndows 10) Here we go: Things that bother me, but I could live without: 1. drag an object with the mouse somewhere else. In photoshop we have the option to disable the "auto selection of objects", I love this option, mainly to drag small icons. In Affinity Design I had to zoom all the time to hit the icon ... 2. ctrl+enter (ctrl+return) transforms text into curve I know I can change this in the shortkeys, but I think it's nice to warn because anyone coming from photoshop will find this very strange. In Photoshop this shortcut does something totally different (it releases from the text editing), here it turns into curve ... as I was accustomed, suddenly I saw all my texts in a curve and I had to rewrite everything ... 3. inconsistency in shift + Exactly what they described here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/37176-i-think-we-need-to-talk-about-shift-resize-object/ 4. how to crop the page? In photoshop do we have the option "Resize image canvas" is there something for this in Affinity? 5. Shortkeys for symbols Is there any way to set shortcut to create and unlink a symbol? Webflow use "ctrl+a" and "ctrl+shitf+a" Bug Found: 1. Customize the entire bar In the "pixel persona" it does not save any of my changes, in the "drawn person" it saves what I added, but then adds what I took. Things that worry me a lot: 1. "Export person" In Photoshop I need only put ".jpg" or ".png" in the layer's name... that ready... it exports ... here no, I need to go to the persona, I need to select which layer i want, and, what irritated me the most, I need to resize the slide every time, in photoshop it cuts according to the mask, not here, it selects everything ... if I made a mask, why do I need the total size of the object? This is the tool that I use most in photoshop, and here is much more work, if at least the slide followed the mask I would already be happy ... 2. import / export in PSD And here is the most important ... Recently I was importing a PSD, despite that I have not found any difference, he gave me this warning (img1.jpg)... In the future I no longer want to have photoshop on my computer, and my company sometimes receives a PSD from another company, if I open a PSD from another person and find this message I will think the result is totally different from the original ... this message Does not say anything, it would be nice to at least tell me what went wrong, which layer did not matter correctly ... There was another file that I opened that contained "clipping mask", and the layer simply did not appear in Affinity (img2.jpg) ... how will I know if Affinity imported PSD right? And how will I know if it exported right? One idea would be to create a layer with a JPG of the whole file (merge all layers), so at least I would know what is missing ... importing and exporting blind is very bad. Unfortunately everyone uses PS, and my main security in Affinity was the possibility of importing PSDs correctly, otherwise it would be impossible to change tools. But overall, I'm impressed with the tool, it has everything I need and more ... the symbols are amazing ... I should buy the tool even if I can not use it now to support you, but I would like to Receive an answer on this issue of importing and exporting PSDs. Congratulations on your work.
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