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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings, I did a search and found some other issues with the spell checker, but I couldn't find this exact issue. If this is a duplicate, I apologize. I am using all 3 programs Publisher, Photo, and Designer, on a Windows 11 PC/Laptop. After I click to Add or "Learn" a word to my dictionary, it will stay until I close and then reopen the program. Then I almost immediately start seeing the red squiggle line under that word again. Two of the biggest added words that I noticed are "LLC" and "BOOFOLA" (a company's name). I do not know if Photo is doing this or not yet. I very seldom do text in my Photo program. Thank you and I hope to see this fixed in future updates.
  2. Hi there! I am on Mac Desktop, Affinity Publisher 1.7.3 and OS 10.14.6. Currently working on a book and the spell checker is playing up. The book is about 400 pages long. The other day I started a new spell check which worked fine until page 81. There is got stuck on a word (A name: Gatland). With the "spelling options" window open it will not let me Find next, Ignore or Learn. Define brings up a pop up window with info about the person. My only other option is to Change. A bit strange after 80 pages of no problems. If I give up and press Change, it changes it to Garland and moves to the next word. The next word is in Swedish and behaves in the same way. None of the necessary buttons work and, as the word is foreign it has no suggested replacements, which means Change does not work either. So I am stuck and can not continue the spell checking in any way. I have reinstalled the software from a new Download, Save As the file to a new document, viewed it in Designer persona, saved and gone back to Publisher. Selected other text in the document but apparently it always starts the spell check from the first error in the document irrelevant to what is selected or where the cursor is. Right clicking on the word and selecting Learn does not help either. So there seems to be no way for me to move forward.
  3. I am still learning how to do basic stuff in Affinity Photo for iPad. I have several questions about using text: 1. What is the easiest way to add & set the color of a stroke to text? So far, the only way I have found to do this is (not so intuitively) selecting it, switching to the Pen Tool, & adjusting Width in the Context toolbar. To set or change the text stroke color, I have to select the text, switch to the Pen tool, & then open the Color Studio. Is there a faster, less convoluted way to do this? 2. One of the new features in iOS 11 is the ability to two-finger drag across the on-screen keyboard to move the text insertion point. I cannot get this to work in AP -- the keyboard dims out when I drag as it should but the insertion point always jumps to the beginning of the text block. Is this feature unsupported in AP? 3. On the keyboard display, what is the function of the 3 buttons at the top on the far right, one of which has a scissors icon? The scissors one is apparently either cut or delete, but the other two are a mystery to me. Also, what is the fastest/simplest way to undo any of their actions? So far, the only way I have found is to hide the keyboard so I can access the undo function on the Studios panel & then tap somewhere in the text to get the keyboard to reappear. This seems overly complicated so there must be a better way. 4. Is spell checking supported & if so how is it accessed? 5. Even without adding any extra fonts via Preferences > Fonts, the list of installed fonts on iOS 11 is quite long. Is there any way to set favorites or exclude any of them from the font list popup? 6. I realize that Truetype fonts in Font Suitcases are an old & nearly obsolete Apple technology left over from pre-OS X versions of the OS. However, they still can be installed via Font Book on current Mac OS versions & used with the desktop Affinity apps. Are there any plans to add similar support to the iPad version, or any suggested workarounds to install the TrueType fonts in them? (So far, I have successfully used the free trial of TransType 4 to extract one old Truetype font from its suitcase file (ZiggyITC TT from an old saved copy of the AppleWorks Extra Fonts folder) & add the extracted ZiggyITC TT.ttf font to the iPad app. That works but I am unsure of the limitations of the free version of TransType & am hoping for a simpler way to do this.) Any help with any of the above would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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