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  1. Not sure of the best manner to send the file but here it is. Exiles_book_2.afpub
  2. I copied the text and started a brand new document. Pasted it in and ran the spell checker again. Stepping through from the start and ignoring a fair number of the foreign words. Whizzing past the words I previously got stuck on only to get stuck in the same manner 5-10 words later. So there does not seem to be anything specific about the words themselves. Perhaps some kind of limit to the amount of ignored or learnt words? As in a bug, not a set limit.
  3. Hi there! I am on Mac Desktop, Affinity Publisher 1.7.3 and OS 10.14.6. Currently working on a book and the spell checker is playing up. The book is about 400 pages long. The other day I started a new spell check which worked fine until page 81. There is got stuck on a word (A name: Gatland). With the "spelling options" window open it will not let me Find next, Ignore or Learn. Define brings up a pop up window with info about the person. My only other option is to Change. A bit strange after 80 pages of no problems. If I give up and press Change, it changes it to Garland and moves to the
  4. I have a piece of graphics with “Winding” fill mode. When I convert it to an Object it changes the fill mode to “Alternate”. Fill mode can not be changed on Objects either.
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