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Found 12 results

  1. As I am starting to use Publisher for more projects and finding a pain point – Collaboration. Currently it’s not possible to share a Publisher document with a client who doesn’t have the Affinity Suite. I currently have to export as PDF, upload to a third party service that allows sharing and commenting, and then work through the PDF comments to update the document. It would be amazing if I was able to upload a document to an Affinity Cloud service, where clients can comment on the read-only document which is synced with my Publisher Desktop for me to action. Failing that, the ability to download an Affinity Viewer so clients can view the document for comment without needed an Affinity license. Thanks
  2. Serif guys, I am a technical writer/business analyst, and love Serif Affinity applications. Too often companies use Microsoft Word for designing and publishing documents. Many would argue Word is not the right tool ─ I agree. However Word provides a significant advantage... Everyone uses it. It's not about familiarity or convenience, that resistance is relatively low. It's about document portability. Usually one person or a small team is responsible for integrating content and desktop publishing. However, often documents must be passed to managers or SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) for input and technical accuracy refinements. Affinity Publisher has no mechanism for supporting that workflow. Therefore it is not practical to use Affinity Publisher in this massive market. I believe two things would facilitate this workflow: Create a comment/revision mechanism in Affinity Publisher, similar Track Changes in Microsoft Word, or Document Review in Corel WordPerfect. Develop Affinity Publisher Lite. Purpose: provide extremely simplified Affinity Publisher capability for text and color editing, comment annotation, and other tools designed around the needs of document contributors. This simple application should not provide page layout, typography, photo, or vector editing capability. Other enhancements could be incorporated later: 'Mark Section for Editing' that locks all other sections, preventing unauthorized or accidental changes Cloud based synchronization of edits (syncs only rich text and comments) Collaborative editing ─ similar to Google Docs or Word 365 Basic Edit (or Lite) Persona in Affinity Publisher that provides only Affinity Publisher Lite functionality, preventing unwanted changes This capability is also beneficial for design studios and freelancers, for collaboration and approval with their clients. Thank you for considering my suggestion.
  3. I'd like to see a feature that allows a shape to share its border(s) with one (or more) shapes. This would allow a user to change the borders of adjacent shapes quickly, and without having to worry about making one border exactly lie on top of another border after a reshaping, or managing which shape's layer positioned relative to the layer of other shapes. Or maybe I'm missing this feature. I'm new at AD. Plz let me know if such feature exists. Thanks!
  4. I have purchased the Affinity Photo app on my wifes ipad pro, and setup family sharing on her pad. On my pad, i can see the app in the store under purchases, do I click on the download icon, but nothing happens. My understanding is the app is sharable up to 6 members. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you, Al
  5. Hi there! I'am planning to migrate my Lightroom Catalogue to Mylio. From there on i want to use my Ipad Pro and Mylio to Edit pictures in Affinity Photo. Unfortunately i cannot find any possibility within the architecture of Ios to share out of Mylio to Affinity Photo. Does Serif plan to integrate the share sheet functionality common to the most photography apps on Ios? Otherweise my investment in Affinity was useless, because roundtripping via photos converts my raw images from Mylio in Jpgs :-/ Thx for any advice how to share or any idea if Serif plans to integrate this basic functionality. Manuel
  6. Hello! I have just purchased Affinity Designer yesterday, so I am new to this. I have watched some tutorials, but none of them seems to cover what I want. I have two objects, as seen on picture picture [1]. What I want, is for object [1] and [2] to share one side, like what it looks like they do on picture [2]. Now the side that looks like it belongs to both of the objects only belongs to object [2]. Therefore, object [1] is not a closed shape, and if I try to color it, what happens can be seen on picture [3]. Putting it one layer above does not work, as seen on picture [4], but it would not be a nice solution anyways. I want to be able to color both shapes to different colors. For this I need two shapes, that share the same side, or to copy that side over to the other object as well, and put the copy on top of the original one. So basically I want it to like what it's on picture [5]. Please note that picture [5] was done by editing the screenshot in Paint, and not in Affinity Designer, but what I am wanting to be able of is to do that in Affinity Designer. Thank you. Picture 1: Picture 2: Picture 3: Picture 4: Picture 5:
  7. Hello! I recently purchased Affinity Photo for my iPad during the 50% off sale. (Congratulations on being selected App of the Year!) I am trying to download Affinity to a family member’s iPad, but it does not show up on the purchased list on that iPad. I have run through all the troubleshooting suggestions by Apple, and have had no luck improving the situation. I checked the App Store, and it lists Affinity as a family sharing app. I am wondering if anybody here has faced a similar situation with Affinity, or if they have suggestions on how to download the app on the second iPad. Thank you~~~ update: It downloaded! I found another suggestion (not from Apple). I went into sharing on both iPads, and turned off sharing for purchased content. I waited about 10 seconds and then turned them back on. When I went back into the second iPad’s purchased content area, Affinity Photo was there!
  8. The Affinity Photo app crashes every time I select Export and then select the Sharing icon. Please advise.
  9. I just got Affinity want to use it on my laptop and wife's computer , how do I do that ? I assume family sharing means that I can use the software on more than one computer ? thanks
  10. I have a Question, When Sharing to FaceBook through Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo my images are small third the size?? But exporting then posting works fine.... Any ideas?
  11. Dear clever people, Ive recently downloaded the Affinity Photo app. I was recently working on a photo. I added text to it. I went to share it to Twitter to include the @ sign for an address and it completely bombed out. I tried that several times and it crashed every time. I then tried again using the # symbol instead of @ and it posted the photo. Any chance someone could tell me whats going on? Im not a programmer. Thank you
  12. after buying AFFINITY last week i did my 3rd artwork first made with apples pages .. then import to AFFINITY .. then export as PNG
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