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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I've been asked by employee in my company about legality of use of Affinity purchased privately. Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, nor have I studied law. Employee would like to use Affinity on company computer for commercial use on one of our products. Computers are company owned, however, the employee in question would be the only one making use of the software - thus I think it wouldn't be in violation of Your Rights and Permitted Use p.3 (i). License wouldn't be transferred to company either, the employee would remain sole licensee. The phrasing "Windows Computers that you own or control" seem ambiguous to me, because as company's property the computer isn't in employee's full control but rather is its operator. Computer is in domain environment, and other people are potentially able to violate this paragraph. We can make sure this doesn't happen however. There's also point 4.b that prohibits: I'm not sure about the legal meaning of it, but does such practice constitute supplying the company with a license? Local laws permit such practices to the best of my knowledge, there's some shenanigans on financial side, but that's beside the topic. TL;DR: Is employee permitted to use Affinity purchased with individual license while doing commercial work for company that's hired him?
  2. Dear community, I plan to create an Affinity Tutorial on the platform medium.com (https://medium.com). I purchased Affinity Designer and I would like to create screenshots for this tutorial of Affinity Designer. The tutorial would be available on the web. Would it be OK to use Affinity Designer Screenshots in this tutorial? I don't want to run into any legal issues. Thank you, Gregor
  3. I have to create a document which ends up having to be in both of the following formats: US legal A4 (European standard) The document is going to be exactly the same, except for: well, apparently the document size (US legal vs. A4) the language Basically, layout, design, graphics, etc is all the same. Obviously, I wouldn't want to have to create two documents from scratch just because of the difference of size/format. Plus, if I have to change a graphic, part of layout or design, I wouldn't want to have to make these corrections twice. So, how do I go about setting up a "master" file, that when edited, the changes automatically reflect/update on the US legal as well the A4 document?
  4. Hello, I bought both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for myself. I will be working at a company for the summer and I was wondering if I can use the software for both myself and the company. The company will provide me a laptop to work on and I was wondering if I could install it on the laptop and my home PC. Only I will be using the software on every device, the company or any house relatives will have no access the software. Thanks :)
  5. Hi, I am working on a logo and the final subtext I went with is called "Shree Devanagari 0714 regular", which comes stock with Designer. Does anyone know where I can buy the license to legally use this for a logo? How much? Thanks
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