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  1. That was actually one of the things I was hoping to be able to avoid. Forgot about that one. Guess it's back to the drawing board...
  2. So, if I'm understanding this correctly, with the "feature" of linked graphics (instead of embedded), I could: Create the English document in US legal format first save it as i.e. Brochure_English_US legal Then, "Save as" to save the document as i.e. Brochure_German_A4 Change document format to A4 Replace English text with German. Now, if down the road, I have to replace a graphic with an update one, I'd have to create that graphic and save it with the same name as the one that's being replaced. If I'd save it save it with a different name, I'd have to update the "graphic link" in each document separately, correct?
  3. Sure sounds a bit challenging... ...but I certainly shall give it try! Thanks a lot for the detailed info!!!
  4. Please see answers to your questions marked in green above.
  5. I have to create a document which ends up having to be in both of the following formats: US legal A4 (European standard) The document is going to be exactly the same, except for: well, apparently the document size (US legal vs. A4) the language Basically, layout, design, graphics, etc is all the same. Obviously, I wouldn't want to have to create two documents from scratch just because of the difference of size/format. Plus, if I have to change a graphic, part of layout or design, I wouldn't want to have to make these corrections twice. So, how do I go about setting up a "master" file, that when edited, the changes automatically reflect/update on the US legal as well the A4 document?

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