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Found 4 results

  1. Shift+O doesn’t cycle orientation (does nothing) and O doesn’t cycle overlay (selects Burn Brush instead). I’m using an iPad Pro 12.9” 4th Gen. with the Logitech Combo Touch. Latest Affinity Photo 2 and iOS version.
  2. This happened to me multiple times and I cannot quite reproduce it, but: Sometimes pressing cmd+a selects all text in the textbox and sometimes it switches the focus to the layers panel and selects all objects instead. I believe it has to do with speed, meaning if you work on a project you double-click on a textbox to enter new text but the UI is not ready yet for textinput and so the "select all" command selects objects... I'm not sure. What I know is text input has always had a lag in affinity... So I think this is a what a programmer would call a "race-condition" – only this time between the computer and the user... -unnecessary little rant follows, please ignore- I like the Affinity Suite and have very high hopes, but there are many unusual slow situations and other non-native things happening. For example I use the system command HIDE (⌘H) very often to switch programs which I usually do by ALT-clicking a tiny gap from the desktop. In a native mac-app this is instant, but in publisher, with 4 to 5 open documents the panels and windows are disappearing one-after-one, so I have the suspicion they are doing some weird cross-platform/non-native stuff with the document windows. Also, dragging a panel from one place to the other sometimes drops docked parts of it... and while dragging, some panels move over or under the other ones...
  3. Hi all, Recently purchased a keyboard and mouse to use along with my iPad Pro, as I thought I would be able to use Affinity Designer more intuitively. Only to find that the program is missing some very basic keyboard shortcuts. Some examples of the shortcuts in question are: Artboard panning (Spacebar + Drag), along with CMD button and (-)/(+) for zooming in and out. I really wanted to be able to invest more time into Affinity on the iPad, but feel like I can't with it lacking such basic shortcuts. Does anyone know if these are going to be added at some point (hopefully soon)??
  4. All I want to do is apply changes wherever I make them intuitively. Usually an enter kepboard command executes an action, but I don't see how this is achieved with Affinity. I really expected this whole app to be way more intuitive so I can take my years experience with photoshop and other apple tools and just do stuff, not have to learn a peculiar interface logic system. I also would like to know how and where I can drag a layer to duplicate it? I see no UI target to drag onto. These things are Actions 101, and I don't understand the logic system here. It's like the original Texas Instruments calculators in the late 1970s with its funky ENTER syntax vs the Casios of ther time which were standard natural sequencing. Where is "JUST DO IT" already? Thanks very much.
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