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  1. All I want to do is apply changes wherever I make them intuitively. Usually an enter kepboard command executes an action, but I don't see how this is achieved with Affinity. I really expected this whole app to be way more intuitive so I can take my years experience with photoshop and other apple tools and just do stuff, not have to learn a peculiar interface logic system. I also would like to know how and where I can drag a layer to duplicate it? I see no UI target to drag onto. These things are Actions 101, and I don't understand the logic system here. It's like the original Texas Instruments calculators in the late 1970s with its funky ENTER syntax vs the Casios of ther time which were standard natural sequencing. Where is "JUST DO IT" already? Thanks very much.
  2. I've searched various threads, have googled, gone thorugh various Youtube demos — but can't find a simple set of directions that doesn't require watching a 10 minute video that ends up not covering my topic. I bought this app specifically to batch crop and just seems like there would be a ready-made FAQ but I can't find it if it exists. Can someone please point me to a sure-thing guide that is specific to this use-case: Batch cropping into circle? This attached image is too hard and requires having to learn the whole interface and i don't have time for that. I know this has to be a simple process. I would be most grateful if I could get a list of steps. Thank you.
  3. Hello, could you please provide a link to this video? I have problems with embedded videos and would like to look at this and other tutorials on Vimeo.com . But in just trying to search on vimeo.com for Affinity Photo Batch Processing, all I get as a return result is "Affinity Photo 1.5 sneak peek"
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