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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, I created a cover with affinity photo, uploaded it and it went online, but on amazon it looks grainy and blurry. I've read that it's something related to rgb vs cmyk color profiles but I'm going crazy and I can't figure it out because looking at the pdf everything seems perfect, but the problems arise when the book is online i.e. 10-15h later. Is there anyone who can help me find the key to the problem? Thanks PS: I have attached a screenshot showing the difference between the pdf and the inside look on amazon
  2. First of all, greetings to everyone: Excuse my English, I know it's not very good, but I hope I can explain my problem. I am trying to publish a book in PDF format on Amazon KDP. I have the book written and laid out in Publisher, with the following settings for page size and margins. It is a book that only contains text, it does not contain images. My problem is that if I create the PDF file using Word, KDP parses and loads it correctly. But if I do the same with Affinity Publisher, there is no way it will load and parse the file correctly. No matter how much I adjust the margins of the document in Publisher, KDP does not interpret the file correctly. I have tried exporting it using different PDF formats (PDF/X-1, PDF 1.7, etc.), I have also tried exporting it by including the print marks in the PDF, but I always get the same result. KDP does not interpret the file correctly. I attach images with the page settings in Affinity Publisher, how the Affinity Publisher generated PDF looks like in Adobe Acrobat, and how it interprets the same KDP file when I upload it to your platform. Can anyone give me any idea what the problem is and how to solve it? Thank you very much.
  3. Hi, I love using Publisher to layout print books. Unfortunately KDP doesn't like PDF format for Kindle books. I've used Libre office to convert to html but that was a failure. Here is a list of different types of formats for Kindle. What's the best way to get from PDF to something that will work on KDP? Microsoft Word (DOC/DOCX) Kindle Create (KPF) HTML (ZIP, HTM, or HTML) MOBI and ePub Rich Text Format (RTF) Plain Text (TXT) Thank you in advance
  4. My wife & I purchased the entire Affinity Suite to save us the headaches we encountered from Word+PDF on KDP/CreateSpace when creating her full-color art tutorial books (sample book here: https://oksanaball.com/books/ or https://amzn.to/2T0Y1Nh ). We liked Affinity Publisher's templates for image layout and placement along with the ability to easily insert automatic fancily formatted image numbers (Word's formatting is impossible for this). These art books are generally laid out as facing pages with text on one side and a bunch various placements of images on the other. We are currently trying to write her next book in AP and are having issue with margins, gutters, and templates. I have configured a facing-page master layout using a large background image across the facing pages and the headers for left and right side pages being different. Then, we apply a single page template to the left or right side depending on if we need a page with text-only, multiple images, "zoomed" images, staggered step images, "tips", etc. Sometimes, the images appear on left, sometimes on right, sometimes on both - thus single page templates are nicer to work with. Where I am running into issues is with the gutters - I need different margins depending on left or right side. I could create two sets of image page templates, but there has to be an easier way that having both "four images, left side" and "four images, right side". I have attached a screen shot from KDP's preview that shows how our one-page template containing four images violates the gutter. Is there a way to create a single-page template which "anchors" itself to the outer margin? I tried creating a slightly narrower "spread" which I hoped I could shift left or right, but that doesn't work for me. I could not seem to find this type of solution in the forums or tutorials and I would love for someone to point me in the right direction. I'm willing to share apub template file example if that helps. Thanks. -j
  5. Question: I am trying to get the layout for a KDP Amazon paperback book. I have done 8x8, 8.25X8.25 and even 8.5x8.5 and I can't seem to line my page upright. In Affinity after you set your page, it comes with little boxes on the page and as long as you should stay in the box you should be good. Is that correct? because I have kept in the lines and it looks like it has too much white border or it will go out the lines. It is a 2400px squared and 129 pages. I have also have used the magnet to snap to guide to help me. The first picture is in Affinity the 2nd is the results in Amazon. (PS I am still 2 weeks new so don't get too technical.
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